Fact Check: Bethany Peslar Sets the Record Straight About Her Talented Mare, Fabrege MF

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
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Bethany Peslar’s beautiful mare Fabrege MF at Everglades Dressage

Bethany Peslar’s beautiful mare Fabrege MF at Everglades Dressage 

Wellington, Florida - Professional Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer Bethany Peslar of Everglades Dressage, LLC is a mainstay in the dressage community in southern Florida and in the hotbed of horse show activity that is Wellington. She and her mother, Rose, are well known for their dedication and strong support of equestrian programs throughout the United States. In recent months, however, Peslar has found herself in the middle of a whirlwind of controversy over the Hanoverian mare Fabrege MF that she purchased in the fall of 2015.

A sales transaction surrounding Fabrege unfortunately resulted in a former owner filing a civil lawsuit in September 2017 against that owner’s sales agent at Lionshare Dressage. Subsequently, the rumor mill has stirred, resulting in editorial containing erroneous information about the terms of the sale. Simply seeking to partner with an international-caliber prospect who can help her achieve her competition goals, Peslar has paid the price of bad press and ensuing misinformation about her prestigious business, the acquisition of Fabrege, and the status of her training.

The lawsuit claimed Fabrege was sold to Peslar for the sum of $900,000, while the agent was alleged to have only paid the owner $300,000. A hearing took place in March 2018 and, ultimately, the suit was resolved.

In light of the recent lawsuit and to address the controversy and half-truths that have circulated throughout the dressage community, Peslar seeks to voice her side of the story and set the record straight, given the fact that she remains the owner and trainer of Fabrege today.

In fact, neither Peslar nor Everglade’s Dressage paid $900,000 for Fabrege. Peslar added that she did purchase the mare because she has extraordinary talent and the two make a very good pair. Further, Peslar affirms that Endel Ots who was mentioned in the article is not her trainer but rather a friend and colleague who trains some of his horses and clients out of Peslar’s Everglades Dressage facility.

“My decision to purchase Fabrege was based on her extraordinary talent and match with me,” stated Peslar, “She is probably the most talented horse I’ve ever ridden. I searched for a long time, turning down many, many horses before deciding to buy her”.

“Fabrege had a quality canter and could even do a handful of one tempis easily at the time of purchase. In addition to my decision to purchase Fabrege as a top future international Grand Prix prospect, I am also breeding her via embryo transfer. She already has one 2017 filly by Totilas, and I plan to continue breeding her via embryo transfer to produce top quality young horses to bring along for the future.

“Fabrege will turn nine years old this year and I am currently taking my time to prepare her for Grand Prix as she’s still young. She has so much talent for Grand Prix that I prefer to focus on the training at home, at Everglades Dressage, for Grand Prix and then bring her out at this level when she’s really ready.”

Peslar trains at her Everglades Dressage, one of Wellington’s premier training facilities located in Grand Prix Village near the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center show grounds. A USDF Gold Medalist, Peslar is a longtime sponsor of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival Palm Beach Dressage Derby, the first CDI held in Florida. Peslar has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments and looks forward to campaigning Fabrege in the near future.