Faberge Leads the Way With JJ Tate For the Dressage at Devon Grand Prix Freestyle

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Jessica Jo Tate and Faberge
Jessica Jo Tate and Faberge

Devon, PA - The FEI Grand Prix CDIW (qualifier for the Grand Prix Freestyle)­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ was won by Faberge, (FloristanI/Baroness), a 15-year-old, bay gelding, ridden by Jessica Jo Tate, with a score of 67.130. This has set the stage for Devon's big night, tonight. With incredible weather, and everyone feeling the glow of the FEI World Equestrian Games which wrapped up last week, it will be as it always is a night of great fun. And they will finally get a chance to watch a Freestyle, since the WEG once was cancelled.

Jessica Jo Tate and Faberge

Jessica Jo Tate and Faberge ©RBMphotography.com

"I’ve dreamed of winning the Grand Prix at Devon for over 20 years and a huge part of that is having such a generous partner in Faberge (Fiji!)," JJ Tate added to her Facebook Page."Thank you to everyone who has made this a reality! A real dream come true through hard work, consistency, fitness, diligence and belief in one gold hearted horse! Go Fijilicious!

Jessica Jo Tate and husband Richard Malmgrem travelled for their home base near Tryon, in Landrum, North Carolina where they just experienced two full weeks of the World Equestrian Games, practically in their own back yard. It wasn't just the Dressage they attended, but watched the Driving and other events, while entertaining guests and visitors, and getting ready for Devon.

With her partner for ten years, JJ and Faberge topped the score sheets, no doubt inspired by the WEG, JJ put in a solid inspired test. 

Based at Blue Ridge Farm in Landrum, South Carolina and Yellowbird Farm in Wellington, Florida, Team Tate Dressage  trains horses from green to FEI. In addition to long and short-term training for horse and rider, JJ is also a sought-after clinician known for her positive teaching style and emphasis on the foundations of classical riding. A long time student and mentored by Charles De Kunffy, JJ's training and teaching style is positive , fun and full of depth.

Other Day Four Devon Highlights

Ladies Hat Day

Ladies Hat Day ©Hoof Print Images

The USEF and FEI Young Horse tests opened Day 4 of Dressage at Devon. The judges were positive and encouraging, gently providing constructive comments to help horse and rider improve both horse and rider. It wouldn’t be Dressage at Devon without Ladies Hat Day. This year’s categories included Creativity and uniqueness; Visual appeal and impact; Degree of difficulty; and the Best at Dressage at Devon. All were winners. And all the while, high level performances were taking place in both the Dixon and Wheeler (formerly Gold) rings.

FEI Prix St Georges CDI 3*

More than 25 riders competed in the FEI Prix St Georges CDI 3*. The class was won by Cyrus (Contucci/Corthena), ridden by Tom Dvorak. Cyrus is a 9-year-old, dark bay Oldenburg gelding, owned by Carla Bahr. Tom, from Hillsburgh, ON, Canada, has been riding Cyrus since he was a 4-year-old. “This was his first full season and he has done very well. He has won many CDIs and is coming into his own. He is a keen worker and very smart and confident. I was happy with my ride,” said Tom. “He was a little distracted but stayed with me.” Tom is a true fan of Dressage at Devon.

“I love this event. It is the highlight of the season for me. I love the atmosphere and the tradition of the show.” Tom has ben coming to Devon for the past 25 years. “If I have a horse that can show here, I’m here!”

Grand Prix Qualifier

Friday night at Dressage at Devon features qualifying classes for the Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Musical Freestyle. Favorite breeds can change but even so, sometimes the horses may not be exactly what is expected.

Jim Koford’s ride in the Grand Prix Freestyle qualifier was Adiah HP (Nico/Marije Ant), a three-quarter Friesian, one-quarter Dutch Warmblood, red and white, 11- year old mare. She is a powerhouse and a horse Jim loves to ride. Jim saw video of Adiah as a 4-year old and, according to Jim, quickly had a crush on her. When she was 7 years old, she was entered in a clinic Jim was giving, he loved her then and got the ride on her soon thereafter. Jim had ridden her sire, Nico, at Dressage at Devon, and now has brought the daughter to dance under the lights. “Adiah HP was purposely bred for dressage and she is the queen; it is her show and she is in control,” said Jim. “It is the Adiah show, not the Jim show."

Disney Tyme (Diamond Hit/Welleria), a 10-year-old Oldenburg, ridden by Evi Strasser

Disney Tyme (Diamond Hit/Welleria), a 10-year-old Oldenburg, ridden by Evi Strasser ©Hoof Print Images

The crowds in the stands were enthusiastic about the qualifiers, and getting a glimpse into what they would see Saturday night.

The FEI Grand Prix CDI CDI3* (qualifier for the Grand Prix Special) was won by Disney Tyme (Diamond Hit/Welleria), a 10-year-old Oldenburg, ridden by Evi Strasser, with a score of 63.783.

Join us for the magnificent Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Musical Freestyle Saturday night. Tickets are still available for Saturday night. Visit the website or purchase general admission tickets at the door.

The weekend weather looks great!

CDI-W Grand Prix

E: Ebert – GER H: Rodriguez – USA C: Wessels – GBR M: Yukins – USA B: Wadell – BRA
Rider Nat. Horse E Rk. H Rk. C Rk. M Rk. B Rk. Total Pl.
Tate, Jessica Jo  USA  Faberge  67.500  65.761  69.022  67.500  65.870  67.130 
Herslow, Kimberly  USA  Soraya II  65.870  66.848  66.630  66.630  66.522  66.500 
Noyes Putnam, Laura K  USA  Galveston  65.870  63.804  65.543  67.283  68.478  66.196 
Koford, James  USA  Adiah HP  64.674  64.457  65.000  65.870  66.739  65.348 
Harrington, Nicole  USA  Wizard Of Oz  64.457  64.022  61.413  64.130  66.413  64.087 
Boo, Heather  USA  Divertimento  61.087  63.043  62.174  61.848  62.609  62.152 
Gibson, Jaralyn  USA  Sanford  61.413  61.957  58.478  59.239  63.370  60.891 
Pugh, Abraham  USA  Elfenperfekt  62.174  60.109  60.652  59.348  58.804  60.217 
Walker-Basak, Amy  USA  Wagner  56.522  59.130  54.783  56.087  59.457  57.196 

CDI3* Grand Prix for Special

E: Ebert – GER H: Rodriguez – USA C: Wessels – GBR M: Yukins – USA B: Wadell – BRA
Rider Nat. Horse E Rk. H Rk. C Rk. M Rk. B Rk. Total Pl.
Strasser, Evi  CAN  Disney Tyme  63.913  62.826  62.500  66.413  63.261  63.783 
Creech, Diane  CAN  Hallmark  63.587  62.391  62.500  65.435  62.174  63.217 
Hagren, Merita  FIN  Viveur  62.283  61.087  61.739  63.152  65.326  62.717