Expressive Dressage Training Immortalized on YouTube

Thursday, November 14, 2013
Posted by Mary Phelps


Watch the video as Robert Zandvoort teaches a clinic :)
Watch the video as Robert Zandvoort teaches a clinic :)
Photographer and Flimmaker Erik Olsen from Landrum, South Carolina, recently has some fun while attending a clinic with Robert Zandvoort, who comes to the US to do clinics in South Carolina and Florida. Look for Robert this winter in Wellington where he will also be presenting a beautiful line of affordable and elegant dressage boots. Olsen’s website has many magnificent images and his digital film making skills go far beyond this fun look at the movements and expressive antics of Zandvoort. Wouldn’t it be fun to do this with your trainer? I can think of many out there who use their bodies this way to illustrate what they are asking the rider and horse to do. This could be a fun series!