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Sunday, May 29, 2011
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DressageTrainingOnline.com is proud to bring you the Lusitano Collection Auction 2011, from Wellington, Florida! Three days of captured footage have been broken down into select parts to give you a very solid idea what attending an auction is all about! Learn about the breeders, their beginnings and what they aim to achieve, with one on one interviews. Learn about the logistics and appropriate steps to follow at auction are, such as: How to see what will be presented for sale, how to bid and what happens after the sale. See auction highlights and if you've ever been afraid to test-ride, fear no more, watch attendees test-ride the horses during the tryout days and hear what they have to say! Lastly, watch the private training sessions of a few of the Lusitano Collection horses, prior to auction, with trainer, Heather Bender of the USA.

The Lusitano Collection-2011

This prestigious auction gives interested buyers the opportunity to purchase Brazilian horses without the hassle of import fees or quarantine periods. The event provides interested buyers with the unique opportunity to meet with and buy directly from the breeders, rather than an agent, while enjoying the additional benefits of test-riding all of the horses and viewing their veterinarian records, including most recent x-rays. Since its debut in the United States in 2008, it has become an established presence in the equestrian event and social calendar of West Palm Beach, Florida.


Our experienced professional team, composed of breeders, international riders and veterinarians, work together throughout the year to handpick the healthiest, most desirable FEI® quality sport horses for the auction. These Lusitanos, which are born on the breeders' farms, are carefully handled at every stage of development, from halter training to trailer loading and standing in cross ties before they even begin training under saddle. A supervised group of highly skilled riders works with the horses using classical dressage methods. Only the horses that possess three correct gaits, demonstrate a positive attitude, and are considered to be mature continue in the training program. Many of them compete in local horse shows before traveling to the United States.

Free Sample Video Clip


We are proud to bring Oliver Oelrich of Germany to our members! We are pre-releasing ONE video from our YoungStar Spotlight tour (full release June 2011), please read Oliver's bio below!

In this release of videos you will learn:
• How to use the half halt to provide shwung and brilliance in the gait
• How to do lovely transition where your horse grows in the withers rather than falling on the forehand
• Thinks to think about in developing the young horse

Oliver Oelrich-GER

Currently training the German Young Rider team, already with many victories and success, Oliver is a competitive champion currently and in years past. Young rider coach for the German team. He is a master horsemen winning titles such as the National Championships and World Championships for young dressage horses, as well as with the Nuremberg Cup in which he presented to Vice-Champion in 2007. Oelrich is experienced at training young talents as well as a top champion himself.

New Video-3rd/M Level, Oliver prepares his assistant beautifully for flying change work. He then moves on to a lovely explanation and demonstration of using the half halt to increase the swing and hind leg activation. You can easily see a very different movement within this horse once the half halts come through. They introduce the half pass with a very useful exercise and end with a very useful discussion of how to build the fitness of a horse. (Watch more of Oliver as we release our YoungStar Spotlight tour and videos in the month of June!).

Free Sample Video Clip