Excellent Performances and Prizes in The CDI4* Balearen Tour, One of the Most Amazing Shows in Spain

Friday, June 19, 2015
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Emilie Nyrerod at the award presentation (Photo: Topiberian)
Emilie Nyrerod at the award presentation (Photo: Topiberian)

Mallorca - Mallorca closes one another top show in Spain welcoming the 2015 summer season! All four BMW cars which were among the amazing prizes at the first CDI4* at Es Fangar found their new owners: Emilie Nyreröd, Daniel Pinto, José Antonio García Mena and Claudio Castilla, amazing riders with excellent performances, were the lucky winners. All these gifts, among others, were offered by the sponsors of the competition, something never seen before in Spain and seldom seen in Europe. But let’s have a look at the real VIPs of this CDI4*, which took place at the marvellous vacation spot in the Mediterranean sea, on the Spanish island of Mallorca from 12th to 14th June: the equine athletes.

Amazing prizes gave that little touch of extra spark to the show. The riders felt more exited and somehow attitudes changed. Indeed, some admitted, off the record, that their desire to win had become more serious, but in a good way. As Spanish rider Cristina Khamidoulin said, laughing, “I go in there with my knife between my teeth and I just feel like the best rider under the sun”.

And this could reflect the overall concept of the show, new in itself and in its format, new on the island and in Spain, and even in the whole dressage world. New faces and well-known riders mingled, as did upcoming horses and some highly experienced stars. Many classes were celebrated and there was top sport, while still leaving space for lots of fun happenings. The Balearen Tour was a huge success, and not only for the riders.

It is hard to imagine a better place to compete. There was sunshine, ideal surfaces for the horses and great weather conditions. A light breeze lasted all day long, though it was a little overcast in the mornings, each and every day until the Sunday send-off.

This is what it is to organize a beautiful competition. Patrick Kofler, the general sport manager of Es Fangar, commented that “this first event couldn’t have run much better; we are very happy and the riders were happy as well. The gifts and the surroundings make up for a long trip … who knows, we might have important surprises for the future editions.”

Federico Padrón, the director of the show, is optimistic about the future. “Now we are working on the next edition and there will be interesting new highlights. We would really like to equate dressage with jumping; we know that this is not easy at all, but we definitely want to work on this goal. The invitational format is highly interesting for the sponsors and, of course, for the riders as well.”

The welcome reception on Thursday evening, with an invitation to the hosts’ home and where this sunset gathering entertained by one of the fanciest DJs on the island, was a huge success. Riders love to party and get together, and it is always nice to see friends in a different atmosphere to that of the stable. Here again, there was time and space for the guests to enjoy themselves, besides the competition.

Emelie Nyrerod and Miata (Photo: Topiberian)
Emilie Nyrerod and Miata (Photo: Topiberian)

A newcomer to Spanish soil took the last BMW in the Grand Prix Freestyle EN + BNG TROPHY. Young Swedish competitor Emilie Nyreröd, had a wonderful win with MIATA (Lancado x Graziell), her 16 year old gelding. This combination seems to be on a winning streak, taking the lead in both Grand Prix and Freestyle tests. Excellent piaffes and passage, nice canter pirouettes, and big flying changes were the highlights of their performances. MIATA shows much talent for collected gaits and 28-year-old Emilie was assisted from the ground by Kyra Kyrklund, giving the final touch, although the rider usually trains with Cecilia Kristoffersson, Marianne Esseen.

“I still can’t believe I won this super BMW”, were the words of the happy owner of a brand-new BMW Z4. Emelie Nyreröd was very excited about her performance and, of course, about the amazing prize, and she went on, “When I came down to Mallorca I didn’t expect much but then we did such a nice ride in the Grand Prix and I started to think, woaoo, there is actually an opportunity for me to win that amazing car! And so I became very nervous before the freestyle,” the Swedish rider laughed. It looks like this could be their year, after a double win at Vesterfold, also in the GP and Freestyle. Now they have won at Es Fangar, with personal bests in the two tests (73.440% GP / 77.350% Freestyle).

Grand Prix Special Almased Trophy

If we were looking at the winners’ reactions, these were varied: some became teary-eyed and some burst into laughter, while others were left speechless. Daniel Pinto did a quick breakdance after receiving the news; however, this was not only because of the amazing BMW he had won but also because he managed to perform probably his best ever test in his entire life. With the amazing Lusitano cross-bred bay SANTURION DE MASSA (Münchausen x Viena) he scored 71.549%; this seems to be his future top horse. Daniel said, “It is my very best score ever and our long-term goal is Tokyo, we are not in a rush”. Once again Kyra Kyrklund, his long-time trainer, naturally also assisted with this production of another winning performance.

Beatriz Ferrer-Salat and Sir Radjah (Photo: Topiberian)
Beatriz Ferrer-Salat and Sir Radjah (Photo: Topiberian)

Beatriz Ferrer-Salat placed second twice , once in the Grand Prix and once in the Special, with SIR RADJAH (Sir Donnerhall x Romina). Their average was above 72.100 % in the Grand Prix. She was putting up a good fight for the BMW, but there were little mistakes in both tests. Anna Louise Ross with DIE CALLAS (De Niro x Celeste) scored 69.843% and was very happy about her score. Jordí Domingo and WONDER again came close to the winning position, achieving second place in the Freestyle, followed by María Caetano and her wonderful Lusitano XIRIPITI (Qualificado x Moscatel).

Intermediate A – ISN Trophy Intermediate B Remont & Zeumer

This was a difficult category to judge due to the quality of the horses. The Lusitano owned by the Finca Tineo stud was striving to beat the Warmbloods, with his great talent for collection. The combination of COROADO and María Caetano once again won the Intermediate B with an average of 70.667%. The prize for this test was a beautiful work of art, sponsored by Remont and Zeumer. The winners of the Inter A, Spanish rider José Antonio García Mena and SIR SHIWAGO (Sir Donnerhall x Dajana) from Zetta Sport, did not once slip back from their lead in this class, here again with a score of 71.200%. Second position was taken by the elegant Ukrainian rider, Inna Logutenkova with HETMAN SAHAYDACHNIY (Calato x Kastanie II), who scored 69.750%.

Small Tour AON & Intermediate I Freestyle LOMBARDIUM Trophy

The winner of the Intermediate I Freestyle was in a class of his own. José Antonio García Mena and the Lusitano stallion DRAGAO produced another incredible win. José still couldn’t believe it when he got off the horse. “I was a little bit worried because DRAGAO seemed to have a slight drop of energy in the PSG, but we checked with our veterinarian and on Sunday he gave it all again and was absolutely in top form as we showed, winning the class.

Intermediate I – MDM Trophy

Jordí Domingo and MANGO STATESMAN (Sandro Hit x Bella Italia) won the Prix St. George prize (71.378%) and the Inter I (71.237%). They received by way of a prize a wonderful scooter; in fact, his partner Linda Swande and he were lucky enough to take two scooters home to their stables. “There will be no discussions, we each have one! It’s a super gift,” stated Linda.

In the freestyle, there were two Dutch combinations following the winner. Second and third spots were reserved for two riders from the Netherlands: Madeleine Witte-Vrees with CENNIN (Vivaldi x Vitana), who scored 71.450% for a marvellous walk to the super music by John Williams from the soundtrack of Jurassic Park and a canter performed to the Rocky soundtrack, and Joyce Lenaerts riding SHOW BOY (Show Star x Donna Girl), who used the super music from Digital Life and was awarded a score of 70.050%.

National Grand Prix BMW - TROPHY

There were four cars up for grabs and one was given to the winner of the National Grand Prix Consolation, Claudio Castilla who won on his ULISSES (Quixote x Palanca), another PSL horse. Three out of the four cars were won by PSL horse combinations, quite an outstandin balance for the breed. Claudio and ULISSES took the lead in the freestyle and also took the BMW. “I am so happy; it wasn’t an easy goal with ULISSES. This is such an amazing reward! I am so thankful to the sponsor, the Eisenmann family and the owner of the horse, Javier Catalan."

The 6-year-old ASI Trophy finals were sponsored by TECHPRO

Antonio José Díaz Porras won both the preliminary and the final test with the wonderful SCARLETT (Scolari x Giselle). On both occasions they scored over 80%, and even up to 82% in the preliminary when she was still a little fresh.

MOROF 5-year-old tests - Final test sponsored by HECO

In the youngster class for 5 year olds María Caetano was riding FENIX DO TINEO (Rubi x Aolga) and the combination took it all in his class. Their average score rose from 76% in the preliminary to 79.200% in the final test.