Excellent Kiev-Facility Makes Svetlana Kiseliova Dream of More

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Svetlana Kiseliova on Parish won both the Grand Prix and the Freestyle to music in the second show in Kiev in two weeks time. The chair of the Freestyle Wojciech Markowski commented: “The best parts of this horse are: a wonderful passage, great tempi changes and an impressive extended trot!” Parish is 12 years old now and bred in the Ukraine. Svetlana used to compete mostly in the Grand Prix Special. However this year together with her famous trainer Olympian Yuri Kovshov she decided to compete in the World Cup™ series to try to qualify in the Central European League for next year’s World Cup™ Final in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands. Ending on second place was Larisa Bushina from Russia, showing a good performance with a nice choreography and good music.

“On small tour level we have seen some promising young horses with Ukraine riders. The classes for juniors and young riders that were included showed a very high level and had host riders and riders from Russia and Belarus as well”, Markowski added.

This year the Kiev Tours combined the CDI **** in the first weekend and the CDI-W followed in the next Pentecost weekend. Combining the two shows was very good as all riders have to travel hundreds of kilometres, even riders from Russia, Belarus, Estonia or Latvia.

The conditions for running a show are absolutely excellent in Kiev. The venue is a private stable belonging to Mr Butenko and situated not far from the airport Kiev, which is without traffic problems about 20 min by car only. The venue is on the edge of the forest, so the members of the club can use not only modern indoor facilities but also enjoy the riding in the forest. All facilities of the club, a big ring and warming up arena, fulfil the standard of modern dressage arena’s. Besides the horse sport facilities a good restaurant and comfortable conditions for spectators to watch the performances completed the high standard. The good and efficient organization made the competition overall even more successful. The efficient organization of the show was conducted by director of the show Julia Parharmchuk.

Polish judge Wojciech Markowski expressed: “I would like to underline the hospitality of the organizers of this show in Kiev, not only to the officials but to all riders as well. A special word of thank has to be addressed to the Yermilov family, who interested sponsors and ran the show in those difficult economic times quit well.”