Evaluation of Windsor Start of Discussion on Judging

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The traditional evaluation of the championships, which has been a highlight at the Global Dressage Forum since many years, will be based on a statistical analysis of Dressage results during the European Championships in Windsor, by scientist and dressage fan David Stickland. Stickland is a Senior Research Physicist with Princeton University, based at CERN in Switzerland. He studied the points of the judges in Windsor and will give his conclusions during the Forum, on Tuesday 27 October.
David Stickland wrote a number of reports for the FEI showing how judging was working throughout the year and at the Olympics. The emphasis at that time was on seeing if it was possible to use the data to identify the judges who were more or less consistent with their colleagues over a long period of time, to encourage the best ones and to find ways to give additional training to those who were less consistent.

The challenge is to make the subjective judging as objective as possible. During the Global Dressage Forum judges, riders and trainers will evaluate the strengths and defaults of the current judging system and Stickland will show that statistical analysis of figure by figure scores and of final results can in fact throw light on the judging process and can be used to improve judging. Science can assist Art. Stickland will compare the myths about judging with the facts, and the international panel will discuss solutions that could enable the results to be more precise, to rank riders more effectively and ensure that the sport is measured as objectively as possible going into the 21st century.

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