European Championships - Record Results Brings Edward Gal to Tears

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gal and Totilas scored twenty-three 10s from the panel of five judges. When Totilas entered the arena traveling the show ring, the crowds were already gasping in disbelief and delight. The elasticity, athleticism and power of this black stallion stunned many, who probably saw Totilas for the first time in their life. There was hardly anything to remark on Totilas ride.

A perfect square, immobile halt, followed by marvelous trot extensions with knees going high up in the air and hind legs tracking up well to create good ground cover. The half passes were supple with legs crossing to the maximum. The horse always stayed nicely on the bit and soft in the hand. Maybe at the end he become a little bit tight in the neck.
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