Euro Update: Horses Arrive Safely and Pass Vet Check for 2009 World Cup Finals

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This week's Euro update reports on the arrivel of the horses in Las Vegas for the 2009 World Cup Finals Dressage. We also have an exclusive interview with judge Luigi Masotto who aims to bring dressage in Italy to new heights with his Gruppo Italiano Dressage. Also, British reporter Jane Kidd took a walk on the premises of the Eilberg family in Great Britain. She talked with Ferdi, Maria, Michael and Geri Eilberg who disclosed their philosophy on training and handling dressage horses.

Horses Ready for the 2009 World Cup Finals in Las Vegas

The 2009 World Cup Finals in Las Vegas are starting today with a warm up class in the Thomas & Mack exhibition centre in Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A, on April 15, 2009. All European horses arrived safely on Saturday after a 10-hour direct flight from Liege, Belgium, to Los Angeles, CA.

Upon arrival, blood was taken from all horses and shipped to Ohio for testing. The temporary quarantine stables in Las Vegas were big but the air circulation was not optimal. The tents, which are wrapped with plastic, were aired only a few times out of fear to release European viruses. The horses were only able to be walked in hand in those tents for two days. On Monday morning the blood tests returned with good results and all horses were moved from the quarantine tents for their permanent stables.

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Luigi Masotto to Bring Dressage in Italy to New Heights

Dressage judge Luigi Masotto is a friendly 58-year old thin and active man with much energy animating from his eyes and body language. On 30th March 2009 he was elected President of the Italian Dressage Riders Association. Luigi runs a renowned business as a wholesaler of highly technological supplies for the building industry, but his hobby and soul are horses and riding.
Masotto has planned on taking dressage in Italy to a new level as the new president of "Gruppo Italiano Dressage," a non-profit organization which helps to promote dressage amongst youngsters. A new president and a new board of directors consisting of judges, trainers and riders have gathered to scout novice riders and assist them in their dressage training up the levels. They will also set up workshops for riders and have agreed to communicate extensively with the Italian Equestrian Federation to promote dressage on a regional level.

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A Walk on the Premises of the Eilbergs

Respect that leads on to trust, discipline that enables them to allow their horses to have fun, these are the key themes in the training of the horses by the extraordinarily successful Eilberg family. As I talked to the four very strong characters, full of ideas and eager to express them in a very articulate manner, it struck me that this was how they themselves operated too. Ferdi and Geri and their children Maria and Michael kept up a flow of conversation in which they all had their say, nobody argued, each reinforced or added to the points made; there were no silences, no talking over others, and lots of laughter; impulsion was maintained at all times. Ferdi, a British European team silver medallist, winner at Aachen and multi national champion said that they did have: “quite exciting deep discussions but most of the time we are so busy there is no time to get into conflict.”

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