Euro News: Teams Announced for 2009 CDIO Rotterdam

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The teams for the nations competition at the 2009 CDIO Rotterdam, June 19-21, 2009, have been announced. Though Rotterdam counts as a selection trial for the European Championships for many countries, not all nations are sending their strongest, most confirmed teams but prefer to experiment with upcoming riders. Denmark, for instance, is experimenting with two new riders, the American based Mikala Gundersen who trains with Lisa Wilcox in the U.S.A but is now in Europe to train with Ernst Hoyos and rising talent Sune Hansen on Gredstedgårds Casmir.

•    Mikala Münter Gundersen - Leonberg
•    Sune Hansen - Gredstedgårds Casmir
•    Andreas Helgstrand - Tannenhof's Carabas
•    Anne van Olst - Clearwater
The Dutch equestrian federation and team trainer Sjef Janssen have announced the team that will represent The Netherlands at the 2009 CDIO Rotterdam, where a nations' cup will be ridden. Based on the performances of the riders the past season and at the 2009 Dutch Dressage Championships last weekend, Janssen selected the following team.

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