Euro Dressage News Notes - Totilas' Breeders Receive Doruto Memorial

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Posted by Astrid

Jan and Anna Schuil, the breeders of Totilas, have been awarded the "Doruto Memorial," a trophy in recognition of high quality Trakehner breeding offered by Trakehner Contact Nederland. Though Totilas is only half Trakehner through Trakehner sire Gribaldi (by Kostolany), the stallion promoted the use of Trakehner blood for top quality dressage horse breeding. Jikkie den Bieman-Willemsen was proclaimed TCN Breeder of the Year 2009. Her mare Evita (by Schwadroneur x Cannon Row xx) is one of the most influential Trakehner mares in Europe.
Manfred Lopp Passed Away

On March 21, Manfred Lopp, retired head rider of the Celle National State Stud, died at the age of 80. Manfred Lopp was born on June 19, 1929. He started to work for the Lower Saxonian State Stud Celle in 1946. In 1955, he completed his exam as certified riding instructor and in 1958/1959, he continued with a four-month further education at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. From 1965 until his retirement in 1994, he was the head of the stallion performance testing station in Adelheidsdorf.

He contributed considerably to improving and enhancing the importance of stallion performance tests in the German sport horse breed. In recognition of his excellent accomplishments for the Lower Saxonian horse breed and for the Celle National State Stud, he was honoured with the Lower Saxonian Order of Merit in 1992. Following his retirement, Manfred Loop contributed his sound expert knowledge to lots of examining boards, judges' commissions and to Hannoveraner Verband. He was a fantastic ambassador of the Hanoverian horse in many different countries all over the world.

Hanoverian breeders all over the world grieve for an outstanding horse expert who was not only popular and admired because of his expert knowledge, but also because of his straightness, combined with modesty and humanity. Manfred Lopp leaves behind two daughters and four grandchildren.

Luis, Highlight of the 2010 Munster Spring Elite Auction

The 5-year old liver chestnut Westfalian gelding Luis achieved the top knockdown price at the Westfalian Spring Elite Auction in Munster-Handorf, March 28, 2010. Bred by Josef Overmeier and presented by Sonja Knoop, Luis (by Laureus x Ferragamo) sold for 66,000 euro to The Netherlands.

The 4-year old bay gelding Edelrubin (by Ehrentusch x Rubiloh) was also presented at auction by the Knoop family and sold for 65,000 euro to the U.S.A.

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