Equine Syndicates, Partnerships and Private Sponsorships - How Can They Benefit Your Career?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Syndicates and partnerships have long been a part of the racing world. Today, with the costs involved in purchasing and developing top level competition horses, equine syndicates and partnerships are becoming more popular in all disciplines, particularly show jumping, eventing and dressage. Simply stated, equine syndicates and partnerships enable investors to own a fraction of a horse at a fraction of the cost. The risk is spread out amongst a group of owners rather than a single owner bearing the entire expense. This can make equine ownership and equestrian sports involvement more attractive to a wider variety of people. Increased involvement is good for the sport as a whole and can provide unique opportunities and benefits for both the horse professional and their clients.

For horse professionals, equine syndicates and partnerships can improve profitability, attract new customers and allow them to reach career goals that would otherwise be unattainable. Being knowledgeable about horse ownership options can help a professional rider to secure that special horse that enables them to compete at the top levels of their sport and/or help a trainer to increase the size and profitability of their business. Even breeders can benefit because syndicates and partnerships can create buyers that wouldn't otherwise exist.

There are many different ways to structure equine partnerships and syndicates and a multitude of reasons for investors to become involved. From tax benefits and profit potential - to the thrill of owning a top level horse and supporting the sport they love, the reasons an investor may choose to participate are as diverse as the horses themselves. And while syndicates are often associated with high dollar horses, they can include horses in all price ranges and investors from many different walks of life.

In fact, one of the main benefits of syndicates is that they facilitate participation by reducing risk. It's a lot like gambling - more people are willing to play at the twenty dollar blackjack tables than the two thousand dollar tables. At some point, the sheer fun of playing the game simply out weighs the risk.

Syndicates and partnerships can play an important role in the development of your horse business and riding career. However, because they come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, an important key to success is determining what type of structure (legal and practical) is best for each situation. Equestrian Professional's next free horse business seminar, "How to Structure Equine Syndicates, Partnerships and Private Sponsorhsips" will cover the different options and legal considerations for structuring equine syndicates and partnerships. The members only session will then discuss marketing and management strategies for attracting investors and keeping them happy.

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