Equine Sessions One of the Key Features at the Alltech 26th International Animal Health and Nutrition Industry Symposium

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alltech, the Kentucky based company is one of the leading animal health companies in the world. Being a leader brings responsibility - a responsibility to care about the impact we have on the people and places touched by our mission to improve animal health around the world. Alltech, the title sponsor for the 2010 Alltech/FEI World Equestrian Games to be held in Lexington, Kentucky September 25-October 10 is celebrating thirty years in business and will be hosting Alltech 26th International Animal Health and Nutrition Industry Symposium, May 16-19, 2010, in Lexington, Kentucky, USA with Equine sessions being just one of several features for the weekend.

How we can take equestrian sports beyond 60M horses and foster a deeper understanding of agriculture in the process?

Breakthrough in nutrigenomics – Now that the equine genome has been mapped, what does it mean for us? Can we predict a derby winner?
The horse’s cecum and colic – How they are interrelated and how we can overcome the dreaded colic by focusing on the basics
The Horse – Never intended to be anything but a grazer. How understanding cecum fermentation can be the basis for all equine nutrition
Mineral nutrition – Raising horses with less waste and improved metabolism in an environmentally green way. What are the options?
Keeping toxins out of equine diets in 2010 – In 2001 Kentucky lost a whole season of foals, and many believe this was related to mycotoxins. The condition was called mare reproductive loss syndrome (MRLS). Knowing that this year’s grains are coming from waterlogged fields, are we ready to prevent another catastrophe? Could quality control concerns with feed ingredients contaminated with toxins, lead, or other harmful substances be just around the corner?

The biggest single movement of horses across the Atlantic since World War II – Final countdown to the world championship of horses, the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games: What it means for equestrian athletes; what it means for a global industry.