The Equine Nanny Brings TLC Through the Night to Dressage Horses at Shows

Monday, May 12, 2008
Posted by Contractor

The Equine Nanny will be at Paxton Farm CDI, Lamplight CDI and Raleigh CDI. Please book ahead for the upcoming shows, and ask your Dressage Show organizer to bring them to your shows.   E-mail - Missy Sage Msagefox@aol.com Cell: 561 313 4653 - equinenanny.net

Perhaps one of the most unique requests for Missy Sage co-owner of the Equine Nanny, a nighttime watch service for Dressage competitions, was made by customer Lauren Sammis. The Pan American Team Gold and Silver Individual medalist wanted to be sure her equine partner; Hyperion Farm’s Sagacious would “get kisses throughout the night”. “We did so,” said Missy, “noting it on his chart.”

With the busy May and early June CDI schedule, dressage competitors and their horses are on the move. The Equine Nanny will be at this week’s Lamplight Dressage, and the upcoming Raleigh CDI, providing their loving night watch services, easing the stress of horse owners concerned about whether or not their horse is settling in for the night. “We take the burden off of horse owners and riders, so the can get a good night’s sleep for the next show day.” explained Sage, just finishing up a busy show at the Paxton Farm CDI***. So respected is the Equine Nanny within her community, that Olympic hopeful Lily Zilo Chiu (HK), has already had her outfitted with official clothing and credentials should she make the team for Hong Kong, to be her groom. Lily will have Missy close by this weekend at Lamplight to be sure the only thing Lily needs to focus on are her rides, and going for the qualifying scores she needs to earn to represent her country.

Missy Sage, a longtime horsewoman and her partner Kathy LaCroix began The Equine Nanny in 2006, servicing a need at the busy Florida Dressage shows, not only as the Equine Nanny, but often as a volunteer, gate keeper, score runner, whatever was needed. But from 9:00 PM to 6: AM, all stalls with the Equine Nanny Stall chart on front are checked hourly. “We first meet with each horse owner, trainer or groom personally to get contact numbers, names and special instructions. We explain our feeding & watering schedule. We will be glad to drop night hay and morning feed if you would like. We also will be checking waters at midnight. If water is needed, that will be marked on the stall chart of the amount filled so the water intake can be monitored.” Karin Offield, one of the Equine Nanny’s regulars praises the service, which goes beyond stall check, filling buckets and throwing hay. “Due to Missy's information on Lingh's night time habits I am better prepared to look after him. Thanks Missy! You're the greatest!” Their schedule has now expanded into other regions as happy customers ask for The Equine Nanny services to be part of the shows they travel to.

All customers have a chart on their stalls, for recording night check and any issues the Equine Nanny notices. “We have had many diggers that can dig a 3 foot deep hole in 10 minutes and horses that rip or kick holes through the tents to see the horse next to them.  Common is the horse that lets themselves out to take a stroll in the middle of the night, or a stallion out looking for a mare!  We do get that one that just won’t settle down unless one of us stands there the whole night talking to them - That’s a lotta fun! " said Sage. "We have also caught many beginning to colic and have called owners immediately. A colic caught early  in its stage is better than coming back to show grounds at 7am to find your horse has been colicing for hours with no help." One of the most common things they find at shows is empty water buckets by 9:00 PM. Lack of hydration is the cause of many issues which can affect a horse and its comfort level.

"The Equine Nanny is a wonderful addition to the Florida horse show season, I love it and it is making such a difference for me, so I do not need to drive out to the show grounds and do night check, as I did before. Missy and her staff are very professional and I feel I can trust them 100%. I look forward to use them again next season."
Janne Rumbough

Equine Nanny’s are on the lookout for any abnormal behavior throughout the night, (colic sign, cast, unusual happenings that occur during the night to horses when no one is there to help them). “We hear the coughing of horses and will note on your chart if horse has been coughing during the night.” said Sage.  Anything that might interest the owner that is not an emergency will be noted on the individual stall chart for that horse.

In the event of any emergency medical concerns are seen by the Nanny, the owner will be called immediately so that medical treatment may be promptly called and administered. “Equine Nanny gives our clients peace of mind that their horse is being watched while they are not present.” The cost for all of this is often less then the cost of gas going back and forth from the hotel.

Some of the Equine Nanny regulars are; Caroline Roffman, Lily Zilo, Courtney King, George Williams, Tim & Suzy Dutta, Tuny Page,Jane Hannigan, Lisa Wilcox, Chris Hickey,Tami Hoag,Shawna Harding, Todd Flettrich, Marco Bernal, Cesar Parra, Kathy Priest, Karin Offield,Oded Shimoni, Bent Jensen, Shannon Dueck, Lars Petersen, Melissa Taylor,Lauren Sammis, Janne Rumbough

The Equine Nanny will be at Paxton Farm CDI, Lamplight CDI and Raleigh CDI.
Please book ahead for the upcoming shows, and
Ask your Dressage Show organizer to bring them to your shows.
E-mail - Missy Sage Msagefox@aol.com
Cell: 561 313 4653 -