Equine Insurance Info: About Age and Specified Perils

Monday, May 8, 2017
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I get this question all of the time..."To what age does Markel insure a horse to?" Markel insures horses with full Mortality AND Medical/Surgical benefits through the age of 18, however the rates for the Mortality coverage will begin to go up every year after the age of 15. Because of the increase of rates after the age of 15, an owner will often begin to reassess the horse’s value, and may choose to lower the insured value of the horse. We also offer what is called a Specified Perils policy for all horses, but most clients choose this option for horses over the age of 18.

A "Specified Perils" mortality policy reimburses for death due to fire, lightning, explosion, smoke, windstorm, collapse, or collision of a vehicle transporting the insured animal, or in the case of an automobile colliding with the horse. Please contact us for the rates for this very affordable coverage.

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