Equi Cool Down Saves the Day for World Youth Barrel Racing Champion Rylee Elliott

Monday, August 11, 2014
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Youth Barrel Racing Champion Rylee Elliot and her Quarter Horse Mare “Kiki” Sporting the Equi Cool Down Body Wrap.(All photo’s courtesy of Rylee Elliot)
Youth Barrel Racing Champion Rylee Elliot and her Quarter Horse Mare “Kiki” Sporting the Equi Cool Down Body Wrap.(All photo’s courtesy of Rylee Elliot)

Jacksonville, FL — “During record-breaking heat on the first day of the Triple Crown Super Show in Perry, Georgia, our mare Kiki stopped sweating. After her youth run, she returned to her stall and went into immediate heat stress and shock.” Though this sounds like it could have been a nightmare for Kiki’s owner— World Youth Barrel Racing Champion Rylee Elliott— thanks to the cooling wrap manufacturer Equi Cool Down, there was a happy ending to their story.

At the young age of fourteen, Rylee Elliott already possesses jaw dropping talent in the saddle and the work ethic needed to repetitively wipe out her competition. She has so far this year earned the title of Southeastern Youth Champion and Florida State Youth Champion (a title she also held in 2013 and 2012). In 2013, Elliott claimed the extremely impressive titles of NBHA Youth World Champion, WPRA Southeastern Junior Champion, Triple Crown High Money Earner, and Florida State Open Reserve Champion.

Elliott and her Quarter Horse mare Wee Feelin Special (known as “Kiki” to the Elliott family) seem unbeatable in the arena, but a scare at this year’s Southern States Triple Crown Super Show in Perry, Georgia reminded the pair that even when competition can’t touch them, without the right equipment other factors can still bring them down.

When Kiki showed signs of suffering from heat stress and shock during day one of the Triple Crown Super Show, Elliott immediately brought the mare to her stall and contacted the veterinarian. Luckily for Elliott and Kiki, the company Equi Cool Down had a booth set up on the grounds nearby.

“Veterinarian Dr. Eric Johnson quickly acted and got her stabilized.” Elliott said. “If she were to continue to compete the next two days, we had to find a way to cool her down. Immediately we went to the Equi Cool Down booth and purchased a body wrap. It was amazing! We kept her core body temperature down and were able to compete the rest of the weekend.”

The event made Elliott a quick believer in Equi Cool Down products. “We won’t go anywhere now without our Equi Cool Down Body Wrap. It was literally a lifesaver, especially for a Florida horse.” Elliott smiles.

Equi Cool Down offers products that provide an easy and efficient way to cool down horses in any situation. The company manufactures Equine Leg Wraps, Equine Neck Wraps, and Equine Body Wraps (like Rylee Elliott used on Kiki). All three products are made out of a hyper-evaporative material that can drop to twenty-two degrees colder than the surrounding temperature. To activate the temperature drop, just put water on the wrap. These easily transportable products can be used to reduce heat and inflammation as well as cool down a horse. While the application of the wraps is quick and simple, their cooling effect lasts for several hours.

To learn more about Equi Cool Down and its revolutionary cooling products, visit equicooldown.com.