The Equestrian Center at Pineland Farms Presents a Dressage Forum Featuring Angelika Froming

Friday, May 9, 2014
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The Equestrian Center at Pineland Farms is pleased to welcome retired FEI 4* Judge Angelika Fromming, May 24 & 25, 2014. Angelika Fromming is an exceptional horsewoman in her own right. She is a retired international 4* judge and has ridden with some of Germany's best trainers (like Paul Riemann, Heinrich Boldt, Udo Nesch, Willi Schultheis, and Ottokar Pohlmann). Angelika enjoyed an illustrious competition career which in turn led her down the path of becoming an international judge. "From my own experience as a competition rider I can only advise every competitor to take part in judges' seminars," she remarks. "They give a more objective view on everything and one's own riding improves significantly due to this."

Angelika has been judging since the mid-1980s and was named an FEI I-Judge a decade later. Until her retirement in 2008, she was responsible for judges' training and examination, learning not only to give marks but to justify and explain them in a manner from which the rider can profit. She adheres strictly to classical principles.

Don't Miss This Wonderful Opportunity!

This 2-day forum will include Training Sessions as well as a lecture series including the following topics:

  • Dressage - A Riding History
  • The Training Scale: Worldwide Guidelines for Riders, Trainers, & Judges
  • Special Exercises Out Of The Advanced Levels
  • Comparing & Scoring Movements Throughout The Levels

In addition to the Dressage Forum, Pineland Farms has a lot more to offer, including farm tours, running/walking/biking trails, tennis, and shopping at The Market. The farm is located in the Greater Portland area, broadening your options of things to do. There’s plenty to do outdoors (hiking, kayaking, whale watching, etc.) as well as shopping and fine dining. We are just 20 minutes from Freeport, Maine and the LL Bean flagship store.

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