Equestrian Apparel Company 2kGrey Goes Global in International Magazine Arab Horse Couture

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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The December/January issue of Arab Horse Couture (Photo: courtesy of Laura J Brodzik)
The December/January issue of Arab Horse Couture (Photo: courtesy of Laura J Brodzik)

Paris, France - The stylish equestrian apparel company 2kGrey is about to step into the iconic world of Paris fashion. 2kGrey has caught the eye of equestrians and non-equestrians alike with its clothing line, which offers unique styles that look amazing both in and out of the arena. One of the many people who have been impressed with 2kGrey’s fashion is the publisher of the international magazine Arab Horse Couture, who has invited 2kGrey to take a journey to Paris, France and around the globe on the pages of the publication. Laura J Brodzik, owner and publisher of Arab Horse Couture magazine, discovered 2kGrey’s bold clothing line while online. She was immediately excited by what she saw. “Your clothing line is absolutely stunning,” she told Meryl Ranzer, a founder and owner of 2kGrey. “It would be a perfect match for an upcoming feature in the December/January 2014 issue of the magazine.”

2kGrey will indeed be a perfect match for Arab Horse Couture’s December/January 2014 issue, as this issue will be the debut issue for the magazine’s newly revamped style. The publication has been in print since 2008 under the name Desert Mirage. Staying on the cutting edge of Arabian trends and information has caused the magazine to recently transform into Arab Horse Couture to better serve the population of Arabian equestrians and admirers that it targets. As a leader in revolutionary styles, 2kGrey is the ideal fashionable feature for Arab Horse Couture’s debut issue.

2kGrey riding breeches look great in and out of the saddle
2kGrey riding breeches look great in and out of the saddle

The December/January 2014 issue will showcase 2kGrey’s apparel and accessories across six glossy, colorful pages, including an exclusive question-and-answer session with Ranzer. The magazine, which has both a digital version and a print version, will be released first in print at the World Arabian Championship Horse Show at the Salon du Cheval in Paris. The event will be held in Paris, France, on November 28th through November 30th, 2014.

Complimentary copies of the magazine featuring 2kGrey will be distributed in the VIP area at the World Arabian Championship Horse Show. With intricately-detailed riding pants in unique jean washes and flattering show jackets, 2kGrey is fully equipped to shine— beginning in Paris and continuing onward throughout the fashion and equestrian worlds.

To learn more about 2kGrey and the company’s products, including full seat and knee patch riding pants, t-shirts, hats, and tote bags, watch for the upcoming issue of Arab Horse Couture on www.arabhorsecouture.com and visit www.2kgrey.com.