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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Posted by bossmare

Buy Now for Full Retail - $1500
- It’s time to book your horse transport for the ride north. Whether you are sending horses to Canada, Kentucky or New York “Jimmy’s the man when you put your horse on a van!” Make your reservation now and bid on a deep discount at the EAF Fundraiser March 4 at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby. Jim Welsh a favorite of our community is a horseman and proud of his drivers who are experienced horsemen who truly care about your horses comfort and safety.  Elite Horsetransport's trucks and trailers are all air-ride designs to insure your horses' comfort.

Deep Discount of $1500 When You Ship Your Horses with Elite Horse Transport
Booking of full truck load required - (888) 477-0100 - Toll Free

You can rest assured that your horses will receive the best care while in the hands of Elite Horse Transport, so use this opportunity to give part of your shipping costs to EAF, due to the generosity of Jim Welsh.

  • Read more about Elite Horse Transport in the Virtual Vendor Section of DressageDaily.com
  • Meet Jimmy a participating sponsor at The Palm Beach Dressage Derby
  • Thank you Jim and Lauren Welsh of Elite Horse Transport!
Transport, LLC
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