Emerging Dressage Athlete "Mega Clinic" Underway in Wellington - Audtors Invited

Monday, December 26, 2011


Robert Dover
Robert Dover
Auditors are welcome to any of the activities. The horses are stabled in barn 9 at WEF and we are riding in ring 10.
The Emerging Dressage Athlete Mega clinic AKA The Robert Dover Horsemastership Week presented by horseshow.com has gotten off to a great start this morning at 7am with many of the top 18 kids under 21 in the country getting a work out from Bob Gutowitz, Dover's personal trainer known for his “Bob’s Boot Camp”.  "Fitness for riders cannot be over-stressed as to its importance for balance and aesthetics." Dover reported on doversworld.com.  After Dover's lecture on “The Basic Principles Of The Art Of Dressage” where eager students took copious notes in preparation for tests throughout the week. Katherine Bateson-Chandler and Lendon Gray trained the young riders in the two lovely arenas set up by Mark Bellissimo’s group at the WEF showgrounds where he generously donated the space and the stabling for the horses. This afternoon the kids will have two lectures at Tuny Page’s Stillpoint Farm, the first by Olympic Team Veterinarian, Dr. Rick Mitchell on “The Care of the Sport Horse Athlete” and the second by Arlene White on “Functional Equine Anatomy &  Core Muscle Activation”.  All are invited to come out and watch the daily clinics at ring 9 over that the WEF showgrounds from 9am to 1pm. And that is just day one! Check out the schedule sent to us from Lendon Gray. SCHEDULE (Subject to change)

Monday, December 26
7:00 - Workout Session-Bob Gutowitz-Riding Arena
8:00 - Riding - Group A-Katherine Chandler-Riding Arena
       Riding - Group B- Lendon Gray-Riding Arena 
12:15 - Lecture- Robert Dover-Stillpoint Farm
“The Basic Principles of the Art of Dressage”
1:15 - LUNCH-Stillpoint Farm
1:45 - Lectures at Stillpoint Farm-
      Rick Mitchell DVM-“Care of the Sport Horse Athlete”
3:00 - Arlene White- "Functional Equine Anatomy & Core Muscle Activation”

Tuesday, December 27
7:00 - Fitness-Bob Gutowitz-Riding Arena
8:00 - Lecture-Lendon Gray-Picnic Area
“Communicating with the Horse”
9:15 - Riding - Group A-Lendon Gray-Riding Arena
     Riding - Group B-Katherine Chandler-Riding Arena 
1:15 - LUNCH-Stillpoint Farm
1:45 - Demonstration-Watch  Schooling-Stillpoint Farm
3:00 - Demonstration-Stable Tour-tba

Wednesday, December 28
7:00 - Being an Athlete-Bob Gutowitz-Riding Arena   
8:00 - Riding - Group A-Kathy Connelly-Riding Arena   
     Riding - Group B-Robert Dover-Riding Arena
12:15 - LUNCH-Stillpoint Farm
12:45 - Lecture- Allison Brunelli- Stillpoint Farm
        “Deep Practice Journaling”
2:00 - Demonstration-“Following a colic”-Palm Beach Equine
6:30 - Dinner for Riders and Official Auditors only-Stillpoint Farm

Thursday, December 29
7:00 - Work out-Bob Gutowitz - Riding Arena
8:00 - Riding Group - A - Robert Dover - Riding Arena  
            Riding Group - B - Kathy Connelly - Riding Arena 
12:15 - LUNCH  Stillpoint Farm
12:45 - Lecture - Jenny Susser PHD - Stillpoint Farm
2:15    tba

Friday, December 30
7:00 - As Fit as a Horse - Bob Gutowitz - Riding Arena
8:00 - Lecture - Mary Phelps - Picnic Area
      “Handling the Paparazzi”
9:00 - Stable Management Test - Lendon Gray - Stable
10:00 - Riding Group - tba - Courtney King-Dye - Riding Arena
        Riding Group - tba - Anne Gribbons - Riding Arena
11:00 to 12:30 LUNCH at Picnic Area           
2:30 - Lecture - Mary Beth Gordon - Stillpoint Farm
      “Feeding the Equine Athlete”
6:30 - Dinner for all riders, their families and trainers, lecturers, and sponsors at Hampton Green Farm

7:00 - Riders ARE Athletes - Bob Gutowitz - Riding Arena
8:00     Lecture
9:15     Riding tba