Emerging Athletes Program - The adventure begins...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Each year, hundreds of young riders apply to the Emerging Athletes Program in hopes of furthering their education, not only as riders, but as complete horsemen. The EAP was created specifically to provide opportunities to those young riders to advance their education in their pursuit to become knowledgeable horsemen within the hunter/jumper community, which may or may not include a career in the horse industry.

All hopefuls are required to go through an application process, during which they deomonstrate their experience and involvement in the hunter/jumper industry, including show-ring and employment history, as well as future goals. Recommendations, outside interests and scholastic achievements are also considered.
New for 2012!
In 2012, the Emerging Athletes Program begins an exciting new journey! Ten Regional Clinics, each held over four days, are offered throughout the country in areas that best serve the demographic population and geographic balance of those interested in participating in the program. A total of 24 riders will be selected for each of the Regional Clinics.         

Riders accepted into the EAP begin their journey by participating in one of the 10 Regional Clinics offered throughout the summer months of June, July and August. During the extensive four-day clinics, riders have the opportunity to work with top riding clinicians and some of the country’s leading stable managers. Riders and horses participating in Regional Clinic will be instructed on flatwork, gymnastics, related distances and course work, as well as an intensive stable-management curriculum that will incorporate proper care and grooming, horsemanship skills, and barn management. Riders will also complete a written test as part of their evaluation for the National Training Session.

Selection of the riders who are invited to continue on to the EAP National Training Session is based on the riding and stable-management skills, written test results, and potential shown during the Regional Clinics. The season concludes when a select group of 16 riders are invited to the National Training Session.

The EAP Committee is searching for dedicated and knowledgeable young riders who have demonstrated the enthusiasm, work ethic and aptitude necessary for success as horsemen. Through the EAP, the EAP Committee meets its goal of identifying and nurturing those talented young riders and providing them with support and assistance in achieving their full potential.