Eleven-Time World Champion Barrel Racer Charmayne James Is a TheraPlate Brand Ambassador

Friday, October 23, 2015
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Eleven-time World Champion Barrel Racer Charmayne James is a TheraPlate Brand Ambassador

Eleven-time World Champion Barrel Racer Charmayne James is a TheraPlate Brand Ambassador (Photo: Elizabeth James)

Boerne, Texas – When 14-year-old Charmayne James claimed the title of World Champion Barrel Racer, the equestrian world was impressed with the young girl’s accomplishment. What no one knew at the time was that this victory would not be the only highlight of James’ career— she returned to win the World Champion Barrel Racer title the next year. And the next. And the next. Now an 11-time World Champion Barrel Racer (over 11 consecutive years), James’ name is synonymous with the best in barrel racing. It was nearly a year ago that James discovered a key ingredient to improve her barrel racing performances even more— using TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platforms to help her horses achieve their maximum potential.

As a renowned barrel racer and horsewoman, James, of Boerne, Texas, is respected and praised by professionals across the world for her accomplishments and expertise. She conducts barrel racing clinics and is in high demand as a speaker and clinician at horse expos and events worldwide.

“I have four horse that I currently compete on— Grasshopper, Ricky, Kate, and Halo,” said James. “I will be going to rodeos next year, and I want to give my horse every advantage possible.” That’s where TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platforms comes in. TheraPlate, a company based in Weatherford, Texas, provides therapy platforms for horses and humans. These platforms gently and rapidly help users reach ideal body conditions, with zero impact. By simply standing on the platforms, users can increase blood circulation and hoof growth, build muscle, reduce inflammation, and incur many other health benefits.

Once James and her horses tried out the TheraPlate therapy platform, the winning barrel racer knew she would never go without it again. “TheraPlate is one of the best therapy machines on the market. It is a must-have for me when I compete. When I compete at a high level, I want every advantage I can get. TheraPlate makes my horses feel so good that they give me that extra effort,” explained James.

“My main horse Grasshopper does not grow much foot, but, since using my TheraPlate, I can tell his feet are in much better shape. Grasshopper seems to have more energy now; I know it makes his whole body feel better.”

James has also been using TheraPlate with Kate, a young mare who had been turned out for two years due to an injury. “Her feet were not in good shape when I got her from the pasture,” recalled James. “I could tell a big difference in the growth of her feet once I started her on the TheraPlate.”

James and her sons have also used the TheraPlate themselves, and have noticed an obvious difference in their own bodies. “My boys are baseball players, and they like to stand on the TheraPlate. They say their legs feel so light after using the TheraPlate, making it easy to run fast,” said James. “I can also totally feel a difference when I stand on it myself with my horses. I can defiantly move easier, so I know it is helping the horses. I love helping my horses love their job!”

Charmayne James is currently preparing to share her expertise with other barrel racers in two upcoming clinics. She will conduct a clinic on October 23-25 in Bulverde, Texas, and then will give a clinic at the Double J Arena in Pendleton, South Carolina on November 13-15.

TheraPlate, the Official Therapy Plate of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), is an easy-to-use equine rehabilitation and therapy system recommended by top riders of every discipline. Its machines offer a zero impact experience, which greatly benefits horses and humans alike. TheraPlate’s therapy platforms help to accelerate healing time without further injuring or aggravating existing conditions, which allows horses to return to competition sooner. The therapy platforms also reduce the odds of a horse becoming injured simply by helping horses strengthen their ligaments and tendons as well as maintain a muscular physique.

To learn more about how TheraPlate can improve the health and performance of you and your horses, visit www.theraplate.com or call toll-free (800) 920-3685 or direct (817) 629-5171.