Electrifying Atmosphere and Wonderful Freestyle Win for Glock rider Edward Gal

Monday, May 20, 2013
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GLOCK rider Edward Gal (NED) on his GLOCK's Undercover (Photo: © Nini Schäbel)
GLOCK rider Edward Gal (NED) on his GLOCK's Undercover (Photo: © Nini Schäbel)
What a final as a fitting finish to four days of international dressage at four-star level. Despite the less than inviting weather, Carinthian spectators flocked to the GLOCK Horse Performance Center to see 'their' stars and above all GLOCK rider Edward Gal (NED) on his jet black GLOCK's Undercover and Spaniard Juan Manuel Muñoz Díaz on his gorgeous grey Fuego de Cardenas in the freestyle where prize money totalled €75,000.  Gal's music Secretum Revelatum transported the almost completely silent audience during the marvellous dressage performance. GLOCK's Undercover seemed very frisky but showed impressive collection. He made the piaffes and passages look relaxed, the canter powerful, the pirouettes well placed and the half-passes elegant. The audience was captivated and gave the multiple World and European Champion and third in the 2013 World Cup final a big round of applause. An 83.450% score with just about eights to nines for the technical and artistic execution and therefore victory was the judges' reward in today's final day of the Dressage International. "Starting twice and winning twice was really special here," said GLOCK rider Edward Gal, wreathed in smiles at the winner's interview. "Frits was a little tense, it was the first time I'd ridden him in the rain and all the umbrellas were also new for him, but he took it in his stride. We'll keep working to get even better, but for the moment I'm just so pleased that everything went so well here in my second home with Gaston and Kathrin Glock!"

Juan Manuel Muñoz Díaz on his gorgeous grey Fuego de Cardenas (Photo: © Michael Rzepa)
Juan Manuel Muñoz Díaz on his gorgeous grey Fuego de Cardenas (Photo: © Michael Rzepa)
Juan Manuel Muñoz Díaz (ESP) on his magnificent grey Fuego de Cardenas delighted everyone with Spanish music, the sound of castanets and an effortlessness that could almost make you envious. The 15-year-old P.R.E. stallion and his experienced rider took the local crowd by storm. They earned 79.225% for their lovely passages, piaffes, extended trot, precise pirouettes, flying changes in a circle and also one-handed, putting them in second place.

Before riding into the arena Ekwador, the mighty grey stallion ridden by Katarzyna Milczarek (POL), was nervous because of the many umbrellas and gusts of wind. However, in the ring he then concentrated very well. An almost flawless freestyle gave the pair 74.500%, putting them in third.

Andrea John, who has achieved countless placings in international CDI3* and CDI4* events, and her four-legged friend Esperanto also had every reason to be extremely happy with themselves. Not only has the rider from Tyrol taken part in European Championships and World Equestrian Games, but also produced a good freestyle today on her impressive 12-year-old gelding by Escudo II with only a few little lapses of concentration, finally finishing on 70.925% in fifth.
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What a tremendous finish for the Dutch GLOCK rider Hans Peter Minderhoud. Having already stood out this weekend with four second and one third place, he crowned his appearance at the show with an outstanding victory in the CDI3* Intermediate I Freestyle. He and his gifted young mount GLOCK's Ziesto, which the three-time World Champion for Young Horses has only been riding for six months, were the second last of the total of 12 pairs to enter the ring.

Hans Peter Minderhoud and GLOCK's Ziesto (Photo: Michael Rzepa/GHPC)
Hans Peter Minderhoud and GLOCK's Ziesto (Photo: Michael Rzepa/GHPC)
The only nine-year-old stallion may have looked slightly nervous at the start of the international competition, but improved from day to day and began to display his extraordinary potential in the arena. An approved stallion from a Dutch stud, GLOCK's Ziesto can hardly be surpassed in terms of impulsion, elegance, expression and enjoying the movements. Even his trot on the way to the salute took the audience's breath away. The harmonious duo performed the freestyle at a high level of difficulty and technical precision showing both artistry and accuracy, which the five-strong jury acknowledged with high marks. A 79.650% at the end of the test meant a terrific win for Minderhoud. "I think Gloria Gaynor's live performance last night was the perfect preparation for me — I could still hear the rhythm in the arena," grinned the World and European Champion and Olympic team silver medallist at the winner's interview with presenter Dorian Steidl. "I've ridden many very, very good horses, but GLOCK's Ziesto is truly exceptional. He's a wonderful horse for the future and my dream is to ride him in Rio. I'm so grateful to Gaston and Kathrin Glock for letting me ride this unbelievable horse and for hosting this incredible show here in Carinthia!"

Twice the winner this weekend, Allan Skov (DEN) and his large-framed Walk Of Life again pulled off a top performance, showing perfect half-passes and pirouettes. Slight unsteadiness in a few passages of today's kur however cost him valuable percentage points and in the end he had to settle for second (77.575%). It was Martina Knill (Styria) on her Rohdiamant son Robbespiere that produced Austria's best result in this test. The experienced pair moved round the arena, a picture of elegance and concentration. What they showed then earned them 73.400%. Also placed for Austria were Karin Kosak (Styria) and Florentino, GLOCK rider Timna Zach (Carinthia) on GLOCK's Federleicht and Tatjana Svehla (Lower Austria) riding Donaublick.

1. Glock's Ziesto - Minderhoud Hans Peter (NED) 79,650%
2. Walk of Life - Skov Allen (DEN) 77,575%
3. Robbespiere - Knill Martina (AUT/St) 73,400%
4. XXXL Ramon - Hoffmann Jennifer (USA) 72,700%
5. Florentino - Kosak Karin (AUT/St) 70,825%
6. Accountancy Ulltimo - Goes Christianne (NED) 70,725%
7. Fixdesign Ranieri - Truppa Valentina (ITA) 70,500%
8. Wobelisk - Reija Laura (ESP) 70,150%
9. GLOCK´s Federleicht - Zach Timna (AUT/K) 68,700%
10.Toermalijn - Boschman Seth (NED) 68,150%
11.Donaublick - Svehla Tatjana (AUT/NÖ) 67,125%

Young German rider Jill de Ridder and her 18-year-old Wellington (Photo: Nini Schäbel/GHPC)
Young German rider Jill de Ridder and her 18-year-old Wellington (Photo: Nini Schäbel/GHPC)
Jill de Ridder takes home CDI U25 Grand Prix de Dressage win to Germany
Young German rider Jill de Ridder must also have inherited her great talent from her father. Today the daughter of successful international trainer Antonie 'Ton' de Ridder showed just how well you can ride a Grand Prix even at an early age. The 21-year-old and her experienced 18-year-old Wanderer son Wellington looked extremely harmonious both to the judges and the audience.

They did not make any slips and, after second place yesterday (CDIU25 Int II), were rewarded with the crown for this top performance today (71.791%). "It is amazing to win at such a perfect event as here at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. I managed to perfect my test over yesterday's performance. Luckily, my horse was also full of life today, although he's now 18! A big thank you to the Glocks and the whole team: this event is simply incredible," said the Junior European Championship gold medallist (2007) enthusiastically at the winner's interview.

She and Lotje Schoots (NED) changed places in this competition — the young Dutch girl won the Young Rider event yesterday and was runner-up today. Lotje's Dutch-bred gelding Ruby has not yet gained much Grand Prix experience, but she guided him to another superb performance today, which paid off to the tune of 70.535%. Third place went to a Spanish-German pair. Laura Reija (ESP) and her Baden-Württemberg gelding Recuerdo only showed slight tentativeness in their test, with the result that the young Spanish rider was very pleased with her score of 67.256%.

1. Wellington - de Ridder, Jill (GER) 71.791%
2. Ruby - Schoots, Lotje (NED) 70.535%
3. Recuerdo - Reija, Laura (ESP) 67.256%
4. Ronaldo - Stieglmaier, Franziska (GER) 66.744%
5. BMC Ucento - Mierlo, Danielle van (NED) 65.674%
6. Donna Diandra 2 - Aeberhard, Carla (SUI) 62.860%
7. Schambuka Soelyst - Aaen, Anne Sofie (DEN) 62.791%
8. Active Private Dancer - Aeberhard, Simona (SUI) 62.442%
9. Ontario - Hoeflake, Machteld (NED) 60.279%
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