Edward Gal: "Learning to Ride is an Extremely Individualistic Process"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Dutch team is currently dominating the international dressage scene. Their success is not only based on talent or mere chance, it also results from a systematic promotion of young talented riders. About ten years ago the "Rabobank Talent Plan" was launched from which now internationally successful riders such as Laurens van Lieren, Marlies van Baalen and Lotje Schoots arose. Its goal is to discover and select young talents as early as possible and to promote actively their riding career. Involved in this process are prominent dressage riders, e.g. Tineke Bartels, Anky van Grunsven or Marlies van Baalen who train the youngsters. The Rabobank Talent Plan is constantly revised, training methods are being evaluated and developed further. Irmgard Peterek met up with European Dressage Champion Edward Gal for interview about his views on the equestrian world, teaching methods and the Dutch youth promotion system Rabobank Talent Plan.
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