DressageTrainingOnline.com Releases Video From KWPN-NA Meeting and Tutorials From Hilda Gurney and Catherine Haddad!

Monday, June 13, 2011
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The KWPN-NA Meeting and Educational Forum recently took place and we are pleased to bring it to all of YOU! Highlights were Cor Loeffen - KWPN Judge and Steffen Peters, Olympic Rider Q & A session answering tons of questions, such as, "what do you personally look for in purchasing a young horse....", Cor Loeffen judging and evaluating 2-6 year olds on movement and gaits and explaining why the marks are as they are. For breeders this is a must watch video series, no matter what breed or discipline you specialize in, you would be sure to learn tons and really develop your eye.

In this release of videos you will learn:

• How to evaluate movement from a judges perspective

• How to evaluate conformation

• How to read a pedigree chart

• New findings in drugs and medicine that affect your breeding program

and....you will hear Steffen and Cor's viewpoints on what to expect from a 3-year-old and many more questions answered in an open and candid group discussion.

2011 Annual Meeting & Education Forum

Steffen Peters Shares Secrets for Identifying Superstars Plus - How Totilas Impacts Modern Breeding, The Road to Grand Prix with Idocus and Other Hot Topics

If your goal is to breed, own or ride the next Ravel, Totilas, or Idocus, the KWPN-NA Annual Meeting added to your inspiration. With insights from Olympic medalist Steffen Peters and renowned breeder and KWPN judge Cor Loeffen, along with networking with some of the world's biggest and best KWPN horse breeders, the event was the largest in recent years. 200 enthusiastic equestrians gathered in Visalia, California to discuss and debate the best way to produce and manage superstar equines.

Learning galore.....To help breeders and trainers see the big picture, Cor Loeffen shared his knowledge of the KWPN's linear scoring method. This method is unique within the sport horse breeding industry. This scoring assesses factors like the length and angle of bones and joints, which is then backed up with movement and jumping ability. For example, it is common to look at the shoulder angle to predict movement, but Cor explains that the length of the shoulder is more important than the position of the shoulder. And movement is more important than conformation when assessing potential as a riding horse.

One extremely valuable session consisted of Steffen Peters and Cor Loeffen together answering questions from the audience. This combined perspective of an Olympic medalist and KWPN judge and Olympic-level trainer provided insights that are not an everyday occurrence. Meeting attendees wanted to know how Steffen selects his horses, which he prefers to do at 6-7 years of age, but he has bought foals, as well young riding horses.

New Video - Q & A with Cor Loeffen and Steffen Peters

Questions such as what should you do with a 3-year-old horse? How much resistance and playfullness should be accepted in a young horse? How does Steffen and Cor choose their own new young horses? What makes you think a young horse can make it to grand prix? With judging scores as high as they have been recently, what do you think is the future of that standard?

What advice would Steffen give to sporthorse breeders? What do you like about Dutch breeding, what is it that you see? What is a realistic percentage of horses Steffen receives getting to olympic level grand prix?

New Video - Steffen commentates as a top Idocus offspring is ridden

Strauss perfectly highlights the Idocus & KWPN breeding and specific traits that can be seen in the horse. This horse, as with the Idocus breeding line, possesses much talent for collection, which can especially be seen in the canter pirouettes.[rep6]

More New Videos!

  • Evaluation of sporthorse with KWPN Judge Cor Loeffen (Watch the movement and listen and learn from the scoring.)
  • Review of top KWPN stallions 2010
  • Pedigree and Sport Results (The secret of reading pedigree charts unfolds.)
  • From Breeding to FEI: Breeding goals, criteria, goals, conformation, body proportions, what to look for in a stallion and broodmare.
  • Veterinary breeding updates: Drugs and procedures affecting your breeding program
  • Evaluate and judge conformation and movement: Using video and still photos specific areas are highlighted and discussed in detail.
  • Steffen Peters rides his freestyle on KWPN horse.
Free Sample Mini-Clip (shown at reduced)

We also have 3 tutorials for you to use in your daily riding. Sometimes the most basic concepts are exactly what we need to focus on once again. Two of these videos are extremely basic in nature yet vital to master on a daily basis before more difficult exercises can be expected to be achievable.

In this release of videos you will learn:

• How to get a top score with the shoulder in and use the exercise as it was intended
• How to use the inside leg to put your horse on the outside rein
• How to get your horse on the bit

Hilda Gurney-USA

2-time Olympian, 9-time PanAmerican Gamer, Hilda Gurney has been an enthusiastic participant for more than three decades in the phenomenal growth of her favorite equestrian discipline, dressage. She is also an Olympic medalist, national champion, Pan American gamer. USEF S Judge, FEI I Judge, trainer, rider and breeder.

New Video Tutorial-How to get your horse on the bit

Hilda shows a horse that is very hollow and above the bit and gradually moves the pair into a space where the horse is nicely on the bit accepting contact, explaining every step of the way, what needs to be tweaked to get the desired result.

Free Sample Mini-Clip (shown at reduced size)

New Video Tutorial-How to use your inside leg to get your horse on the outside rein.

Hilda has a 3 year old horse that is ridden and the rider demonstrates the use of this technique allowing you to easily see how the horse comes nicely to the bridle at the end of the lesson.

Free Sample Mini-Clip (shown at reduced size)

Catherine Haddad-USA

Catherine and her partner, Winymaro were the reserve ride for the US Team for WEG 2010. In 2009 Catherine was ranked 7th in the Western European League. Catherine Haddad represented the USA in the 2007 Rolex World Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2006, as a member of the US Team she was named reserve rider for the USEF at the World Equestrian Games. She has lived in Vechta, Germany for the last 10 years, running her own stable, International Dressage.

New Video Tutorial - Learn to ride a better shoulder in