DressageTrainingOnline.com Releases Three New Tutorials

Monday, March 14, 2011
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's March Theme... How to do this and what to do when that happens... DressageTrainingOnline.com is releasing 3 compact and to the point tutorials from Hilda Gurney - USA that will teach you: How to teach and ride the piaffe and passage, how to ride a fabulous shallow loop/single loop serpentine at trot as required at training level and how to teach your horse the flying changes and what to do when your changes are late behind or your horse ignores your aid. Additionally, we have training sessions with Debbie McDonald - USA, Jody Hartstone - NZ and a new session added to our Guest Trainer Category. From these sessions you will see: Proper rein contact and what to do when your horse leans on the bit, using diagonals to get your horse on the bit and how to work with your horse on the ground, teaching them in hand aids and de-spooking methods.

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Six New Video Releases

Hilda Gurney-USA

2-time Olympian, 9-time PanAmerican Gamer, Hilda Gurney has been an enthusiastic participant for more than three decades in the phenomenal growth of her favorite equestrian discipline, dressage. She is also an Olympic medalist, national champion, Pan American gamer. USEF S Judge, FEI I Judge, trainer, rider and breeder.

New Video Tutorial-How to ride the shallow loop/single loop required at training level. Hilda shows you where to leave and return on the track and exactly where your bend should change, watch this video to ensure you receive top points in the show arena!
Free Sample Mini-ClipNew Video Tutorial-Learn to teach and ride piaffe/passage. Three horses, three riders all different levels of experience. Hilda shows how to teach the horse to "dwell" before moving on in passage and how to stop a horse from sitting too much in the piaffe.
Free Sample Mini-ClipNew Video Tutorial-Learn how to teach your horse the flying changes. What are the aids? When do you ask? Learn what to do when your horse is late behind or simply ignores your aids.
Free Sample Mini-Clip Debbie McDonald-USA

She and the now retired Brentina, have had a long and outstanding career together. Together they've helped the US equestrian team win a team silver and team bronze at the World Equestrian games and a team bronze at the 2004 Olympics. In 2003, Brentina helped Debbie to become the first American rider to win the World Cup championship. They also came in third place at the 2005 World Cup. Brentina herself was named the 2005 Farnam/Platform USEF Horse of the Year.

New Video-How to gain proper rein contact and what to do when your horse leans and pulls on the bit. Use of the half halt, steady outside rein and counter flexion are shown, discussed and used as corrections within this basic training session.

Jody Harstone-NZ

Jody, shortlisted for Athens Olympics on Landioso and the 2010 WEG qualified rider for Dressage representing New Zealand, Jody teaches and lectures worldwide emphasizing her training based on scientific principles of behavioural theory. "The rider's aids are all trained systematically and one at a time," Hartstone explained. "One should be careful not to apply two cues at once and ensure that the pressure-release aids (reins or legs) are trained effectively before one moves on to subtle aids like the seat. Basically reins are there to slow down, legs to go, reins to turn and leg for yield. Most important is to train the legs of the horse before training its frame. It is very different from what we see in many training yards where horses are sent to. With them rein pressure and reins are no longer effective to slow down the horses' leg. Paramount is self carriage. The horses are taught from breaking in to hold their own rhythm, direction and outline."

New Video-How to work with your horse on the ground, instilling voice aids and de-spooking. Jody explains work in hand, shows you how to make them listen to your light aids on the ground, how to put your cues on a voice aid and ways to go about getting your horse acclimated to any sight or sound.

Guest Educator Series

We are happy to host an array of guest educators whose education we find value in. Please communicate with us should you like what you see and wish to continue to see training from an educator we do not permanently feature! (Found in Trainer/Rider tab)

New Video - Using diagonals to get your horse on the bit