DressageTrainingOnline.com Presents Training Videos from the 2010 Adequan/USDF Symposium featuring Gary Rockwell and Lilo Fore

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Posted by Contractor


DressageTrainingOnline.com is chalk full of intense detailed training this month! The 2010 Adequan/USDF Symposium featuring Gary Rockwell and Lilo Fore, focusing on crossing the bridge from training to showing is here! Please enjoy Part one of this two part series. In Part 1, available now, you have 15 new Dressage training videos focused on Intro Level through Second Level, with a test with scores and commentary for each test at each level. Understand what has changed within each test at each level, see Lilo Fore watch and provide training to the riders, specifically focused on what was seen as "developmental" in the test or the warm up before the test and so much more!



•Listen to Gary Rockwell as he gives movement by movement scores and commentary for each ride at each level

•Learn how to "correctly" ride the shallow loop serpentine

•Learn what is an acceptable return to the line, when performing your turn on the haunches

•Learn why you use a fist rather than open fingers on the rein

•Learn how to really ride the stretchy trot circle for a high score

•Learn how to get a bigger stride without more speed

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Part 1 of 2

Get a head start on the new year! Join USDF, Gary Rockwell and Lilo Fore for an in-depth look at the tests that will be used in 2011 and beyond! They examine the tests from both an instructional and competitive perspective. Watch the test be ridden and get answers to your questions as they relate to the new movements, directive and collective marks. Tons of great hands on training is found within appropriate for each level. These videos are found in the Specialty Content tab of website.

New Video-Intro Test B

Lilo explains what is expected at this level. There is a discussion regarding the walk and how it is supposed to look to the judge and feel to the rider.

New Video-Intro Test C

the goal of this test is to enable the rider to allow the horse to go to a stable and steady connection. Lilo explains the bending aid versus flexion aid and goes into much depth regarding how to hold your hands and use your fingers to gain the steadiness in the connection that you are after. Wonderful beginner video.

New Video-Training Level Training

Here is a wonderful example of a stretchy circle, what it is NOT supposed to look like and then they work to improve it, finally enabling you to see what it IS supposed to look. Additionally the trot shallow loop is worked on and you can see it trained and performed beautifully which will allow you to do this too!




New Video-First Level Training

focus on getting the horse to move forward and with energy, Lilo works with the rider on how to achieve this. Sideways movement is introduced with the leg yield and achieving the sideways with almost no bend is what is worked on. They also work a great deal on getting a bigger stride without more speed, something many many riders struggle with.

New Video-Second Level Training

connection is discussed at length and Lilo gives a little tip of increasing your flexion slightly to reduce poll tension. Next they do some very effective schooling exercises to prepare for the lateral work on the long side in second level. When we get to the turn on the haunches, the all important question of how to get back to your correct line of travel after the turn is shown and discussed in a way that will surely provide an aha moment for anyone watching!