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Saturday, October 18, 2014
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Daniel Martin Dockx
Daniel Martin Dockx

Daniel Martin Dockx's is inspirational to say the least. He works long and low and relaxed for so long and you can see that working in this relaxed stretchy frame in no way precludes him from working on the basic important things like rhythm, transitions, collection. He releases tension and really gets his horse working over the back. You watch and know it just FEELS good! Dani shows how he works on his very green piaffe, tips on how he schools the half pass, preparation for the canter pirouette and typical problems encountered and how to plan for better pirouettes. Lastly, he finishes with schooling the flying changes. In this video, Daniel Martin Dockx rides Oxido, a pure Spanish horse showing Prix St Georges (owned by Hampton Green Farm), and demonstrates a typical work out with an emphasis on relaxation. A highlight is the great stretching work, building the gymnastic foundation for the rest of the work. Watch for the great pirouettes!
Full Video Total Video Run Time: 42:00

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Part 1: We join Daniel Martin Dockx in Spain as he rides the 8-year-old Oxido, a pure Spanish horse showing Prix St Georges. He begins his session with 15 minutes of walk with very long reins and then picks up the trot while stretching without changing his speed. He shows a great example of collecting the steps while remaining in the same frame. They go to the canter asking for this same frame in the transition and the gait. They show collection and lengthening in the canter with the same stretch, and when he goes the other direction he gets a strong depart, but continues working in the same frame. They end the warm up with a lovely stretching walk.

Part 2: Daniel collects the walk before asking for the sitting trot and works on transitions within the gait before going to the shoulder in. To work on collection and increase his speed behind, Daniel works on the trot piaffe transition. This horse is just being introduced to the piaffe, so some mistakes are shown and we can see how he works through these issues. The trot half pass is next, and Daniel explains his preparation for this exercise.   

Part 3: After a break Daniel makes sure the walk is correct before trotting. He reestablishes the trot, checks the half halt and then asks for an extended trot. He shows a good canter with impulsion, and he collects easily so he keeps the collected sections short. This prepares him to work on the pirouettes. He always makes sure that in the collection in preparation for the working pirouette that the horse is pushing enough from behind.

Part 4: On to the flying changes. When he runs after the changes, Daniel collects him and they work on the fours. He shows what to do when the horse becomes tense in one rein or the other. The horse shows some tension in the work, and Daniel calmly works him through this ending with successful threes. The session ends with a beautiful stretchy trot.

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