DressageTrainingOnline.Com Offers Riders Access to USDF Trainers Conference with Henk Van Bergen

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Posted by bossmare

Wellington, FL – Dressage riders who missed the Succeed/USDF FEI Level Trainers Conference with elite international trainer Henk Van Bergen can still have a schooling session with the master – as the entire conference is now available at DressageTrainingOnline.com. Thanks to the innovative dressage website, riders can “virtually” train with Van Bergen, an Olympic trainer and official national coach of England’s Junior and Young Riders team, at the trainers’ conference designed to provide continuing education for dressage trainers and instructors.

“It’s a great way for dressage riders to be present at the clinic, without having to be present,” said DressageTrainingOnline.com Founder Reisa Bonetti. “Even people who were at the conference find it beneficial to have access to it online because if they learned something really valuable, that they need to see a few more times to have it sink in, they can.”

The Succeed/USDF FEI Level Trainers Conference is available in its entirety as a webcast on DressageTrainingOnline.com. "Only once before has this event ever been webcast online, which was in 2007 when the USDF and I partnered up to make this possible, and it was received globally with outstanding success,” Bonetti said. “The USDF's ability to draw elite international trainers to this venue, as an educational learning opportunity, matches perfectly with DressageTrainingOnline.com's primary focus to be the premier website for Dressage training and education around the globe.”

The conference with Van Bergen is an opportunity for dressage rider’s of all levels to learn from the best. Van Bergen, who gives regular clinics in England, the United States and Spain, became a certified instructor with the Royal Dutch Riding School in 1966. He has coached the Dutch Dressage Team at both the 1972 and 1992 Olympic Games, the Japanese Dressage Team at the 1988 Olympic Games and coached private students at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

The chance to watch the conference is only one of the many perks for members of DressageTrainingOnline.com. “We allow members to ‘virtually’ train with talent they wouldn’t have access to otherwise,” Bonetti said. “In addition, we offer an opportunity to better understand the judges perspectives by listening to their score by score commentary on tests they have judged and we cover important aspects that effect the care and well being of horses, such as saddle fitting, massage therapy, trailering, ground work and more. You get to see and hear how these things are done, not just read about it, and this is powerful.”

Membership to DressageTrainingOnline.com includes the FEI Level Trainers Conference and approximately 375 other training sessions, from some of the world’s most elite trainers, riders and judges from across the globe. Rider’s can watch and listen as FEI O Judge, Uwe Mechlem (now retired) or Axel Steiner, give movement-by-movement scores and in depth commentary on real tests. Members can also view 14 different elite, international trainers, such as Jean Bemelmans, GER, Arthur Kottas Heldenberg, AUT, Jan Brink, SWE or Hilda Gurney, USA, teaching and riding in real schooling sessions which gives viewers the ability to see how the trainers achieve their consistent results.

“USDF members can enjoy a member perk by receiving a 15 percent discount off of the DressageTrainingOnline.com member price, as a feature of my partnership with the USDF,” Bonetti said. “To take advantage of this, go to the membership tab and use coupon code 95121521 and have your USDF ID number available.”

To take part in the conference with the world-renowned Van Bergen, visit www.dressagetrainingonline.com.