DressageTrainingOnline.com Offers Pay Per View of The Dressage Convention 2013 Featuring Carl Hester and Richard Davison!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
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Richard Davison and Carl Hester
Richard Davison and Carl Hester

The Dressage Convention 2013 was a ticketed only, sell-out success and attracted visitors and media from around the world. It is now available for viewing via Pay Per View (PPV), on www.DressageTrainingOnline.com. DressageTrainingOnline.com is offering additional incentives with PPV purchase to existing and new members to be able to afford all riders the world over an opportunity to learn online. Typically membership gives complete access to the training library for a low, set fee of approximately $28.00. In the spirit of trying something different, the PPV opportunity is being tested for this special event. It features Dressage superstars Carl Hester and Richard Davison offering dressage enthusiasts a unique insight into a variety of training methods through a series of practical sessions, lecture demos, panel discussions and questions and answers.DressageTrainingOnline.com, is offering additional incentives with PPV purchase to existing and new members to be able to afford all riders the world over an opportunity to learn online, on demand, any time.

All the practical training sessions featuring Carl Hester, Richard Davison, Charlotte Dujardin, Sylvia Loch and Miguel Raolo are available in increments of approximately 1.5 hours. “I want riders of all levels to know that the convention pertains to them, whether they just need to develop their basic’s of dressage or any other discipline or they are an international Grand Prix rider already.” Says Reisa. “This is why it was broken into different pieces as they were, so that viewers could choose what they want, maximizing their time.”

Some of the hallmarks of the convention are to follow. There is a big focus on the melding of competitive versus classical dressage. Sylvia Loch, known for her classicism, author of 8 books and multiple training videos, helps bridge the gap. Sylvia works with a rider and rides herself, focusing on basics of body use and many of the pillars of riding. She also dedicates a whole session to The Rules of Collection.
Next we have, Secrets of Training The Iberian Horse with Miguel Ralao of Portugal. In one session he works with a 6-year-old PRE on how to develop the basics. He discusses what they are naturally good at and how you need to think a bit differently in training them so you can develop a correct foundation. In one of his sessions he shows specifically how he works throughness, over collection, which is offered up so readily by the breed.
Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin, work with a 5-year-old, a 7-year-old and an 11-year-old. Focus is on developing expression and proper stretching and then moves into discussing and showing what you do with an established Grand Prix horse. Riding Valegro, they discuss his daily life and routine and his general management. They work very simple but important things during his "down" time and they give a few key exercises they use to keep his mind and body where they would like it to be.

Last but not least, Richard Davison, works with Gareth Hughes, Olympic team member, on a few horses. Discussion prevails on the importance of the release of the asking aid and the concept of reward in the horse's mind. They then move into how to develop a fancy trot and passage. Richard has Gareth work on practicing different gears. Gareth, with absolute subtlety, is told to use his body differently to ask for something different, such as more cadence and lift from the horse beneath him. Additionally they focus on bettering the Grand Prix by focusing on many of the movements to work towards getting that all elusive, 10!

To view this event or thousands of other training videos from many of the world’s most talented riders, trainers or judges, please visit www.DressageTrainingOnline.com.