DressageTrainingOnline.com Introduces Our Newest Featured Trainer Charlotte Bredahl-Baker!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Posted by DressageTrainingOnline.com


DressageTrainingOnline.com introduces our newest permanently featured trainer Charlotte Bredahl-Baker!  Charlotte is a former Olympian and also a USEF and FEI judge. We are fortunate to have her onboard as she shows us her work as a trainer but also from a judge's view. In these videos you will learn:
•Preparatory exercises to better your 2nd level test/L Level 
•How to achieve and perfect the leg yield
•How to maintain the counter canter and fixes to common issues  

Plus...watch a free video! Part 6 of our free 7 part series with Jody Hartstone on understanding your horse's brain, is now available. Click Here to Watch! 
Charlotte Bredahl-Baker was born and raised in Denmark. In 1992 Charlotte and her horse, Monsieur, were part of the bronze medal winning Olympic Team in Barcelona. Charlotte has represented the United States in many international dressage competitions. In 1979, she moved to the United States, where she has been training dressage horses ever since. In 1985 Charlotte earned her dressage judge's license. Today, Charlotte is a USEF "S" judge, FEI "C" judge and trainer/clinician. 
New Video-2nd/L Level, test prep and instruction on components within second level tests. Focus on getting the horse moving correctly and listening to the inside leg, moving into turn on the haunches, the lateral work, counter canter and simple changes.

Free Sample Mini-Clip of Full Feature Videos 

New Video-Counter Canter Tutorial, Charlotte focuses solely on the counter canter, showing exercises to gain balance and discusses typical issues that arise during this work and how to overcome those issues.
New Video-Leg Yield Tutorial, Charlotte focuses solely on the leg yield, the most basic of training exercises but also one that is so important and used at the highest levels.

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