DressageTrainingOnline.com Has 12 New Training Videos... Live and Ready To Be Watched!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Posted by bossmare

DressageTrainingOnline.com prepares for the launch of their new improved website in April. meanwhile more content has been added, with a peek at what's to come. Whether your aspirations are improvement of dressage basics, or an Olympic dream, DressageTrainingOnline.com.com is the perfect compliment to your dressage education. See what's new and what's coming soon!
  • Succeed/USDF FEI Trainers Conference, Featuring Henk Van Bergen of the Netherlands. ( 9 videos). If you missed this conference, you must watch and learn as Henk works with Courtney King-Dye, MaryAnn Grant, Jennifer Baumert, Luis Denizard, Shawna Harding, Lynda Alicki and J.J. Tate on horses of all ages and levels. A wonderful opportunity to watch a group of very strong riders demonstrate and apply the classical principles that Henk works within to improve and advance basic gaits and movements.
  • Jan Brink, SWE-Jan works with a student on an 8 yr. old, PSG/S level horse, focusing on improving the basic gaits and flying changes.
  • Axel Steiner, USA, FEI O Judge,  ( 2 videos) Axel works with a rider at 3rd/M level, focusing heavily on rider position and proper use of the aids, additionally, discussing the necessity of activating the hind end, then he moves into beginning to introduce excercises that are moving toward the canter pirouette. In the second video the horse is a 6 yr. old at 2nd/L level and they are working on lateral work, and extremely precise transitions.
  • Don't miss the Aachen, 2008 and Aachen, 2008, 2nd Annual Elite Auction, with full commentary, allowing the viewer to not only see an auction, but understand what they are looking for, from the eyes of a seasoned, trainer and buyer, Alex Gerding.
Coming In April
  • Ingrid Klimke-GER, Performance Through Fitness, 2006 Adequan/USDF Symposium will be held over from January to May, 2009.
  • Interviews and commentaries, World Cup
  • Alex Gerding-USA, I2/S Level
  • Alex Gerding-USA, 2nd/L Level
  • Uwe Mechlem,GER, FEI O Judge, 1st level
  • Uwe Mechlem-GER, FEI O Judge, 3rd Level
  • Axel Steiner-USA, FEI O Judge, GP/S Level
  • Axel Steiner-USA, FEI O Judge, GP Freestyle/S Level
  • Jan Brink-SWE, Training/E Level, 3 yr. old young horse
  • Nancy Pugh Later-USA, 2nd/L Level