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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Virtual Vendor Update - Stay Tuned as the "New" DressageDaily is about to launch any day. We continue to bring you new news from our Virtual Vendor's who have great things to offer. Our longtime friend and associate Reisa Bonetti has been traveling the globe bringing recording exciting new footage available exclusively to subscribers of DressageTrainingOnline.com.

Catherine Haddad -USA

Catherine Haddad continues to represent America in Europe where she trains and competes. Her recent win at CDI3* Leipzig (Germany) Grand Prix Special on Cadillac is a testamony to her progress. On DressageTrainingOnLine.com, Catherine focuses on improving the canter, creating the proper frame for the level and improving the overall movement you get from the horse. She also goes into detail regarding how to get more jump and energy in the flying change. A longtime favorite on DressageTrainingOnLine.com, Haddad's clearly communicates her lessons, and you can learn from her without going to Germany!

Heath Ryan-AUS

Get to know our newest featured trainer, Australian Olympian, in not one but two, disciplines! Former Australian Eventing Team Coach and Australian Olympic representative in the 2008 Olympics, for Dressage and Australian representative for the World Cup, Las Vegas, 2009. Heath is in process of becoming a new permanently featured trainer of DressageTrainingOnline.com! In light of that, we wanted the world to have an opportunity to get to know the Australian superstar! Watch this dynamic interview as Heath shares a bit of himself and watch for his training videos in the upcoming months.

Preview of Video with DressageTrainingOnLine's Reisa Bonetti

Jean Bemelmans-GER

Jean Bemelmans has been the national coach for the Spanish Olympic Team, over the last 9 years. Himself a former international Grand Prix rider and a master known throughout the world. We ask Jean and his amateur client Christian to discuss the path that led them to the goals they are currently working on. This is very inspiring for serious riders working towards difficult, yet possible, goals within their own riding! Jean Bemelmans-GER, this is a super video to watch as Jean has his student on a lunge line, to work on scripted exercises to create balance and the independent seat. Specific interest is placed on keeping the body on the vertical, not carrying ones weight or frame forward or backward.

Jean Bemelmans-GER, a very good picture of what you are trying to obtain by warming up low and deep is displayed and is contrasted against what it is not supposed to look like. The difference could seem slight to the inexperienced eye, but performing this exercise properly is absolutely critical. Then they move onto collected work with a discussion on forward motion as being the key to getting real collection.

Andreas Helgstrand-DEN

Recently returning from the 2008 Olympics with the first ever bronze medal for the Denmark team, individual silver and bronze medalist 2006 World Equestrian Games, Andreas is our special guest feature, live from Equitana where he performed a master class, with a group of both amateur and professional riders on horses that were of all ages and levels.

Watch the Danish Olympian as he works with each horse and rider combination on a myriad of different issues. ( 3 videos ). Here is a sample.

Click Here for a piece of an exclusive interview with Andreas. Who is he, why did he leave Blue Hors Stud, and much more!!!!

Axel Steiner-USA

Axel Steiner has been involved with dressage most his life. Judging and teaching have been his primary horse activities in recent years. Axel holds the highest judge ratings - Nationally "S" and Internationally (FEI) "O," and has judged so far in 31 countries. More recently he was on the panels for the 2000 Olympics, the 2003 Pan American Games, and the World Cup Finals in 2005.

Axel and his client take us through the national levels of Dressage. Each section of this session focuses on the specifics of that level and the newly introduced movements of the level. This is a thorough time line of what happens as you move from training to 4th level, and should be watched by all. Axel is an International FEI O judge, and brings his knowledge and expertise to show the judges view of how it should be done!

Don't Miss the Aachen, 2008 2nd Annual Elite Auction
Aachen, 2008, 2nd Annual Elite Auction, with full commentary, allowing the viewer to not only see an auction, but understand what they are looking for, from the eyes of a seasoned, trainer and buyer. Interested in becoming a member? The auction experience is yours for the viewing. If you have never been, or are thinking of going... this is a must see! With professional commentary, leading you through what is actually happening!

Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF Dressage Festival of Champions and Dressage Olympic Trails 2008

Watch all 4 days of the Grand Prix, CDIO, with expert commentary from FEI I Judges, Hilda Gurney and Janet Brown Foy
(click here to see a 15 minute mini clip)