DressageTrainingOnline.com Announces New Pricing Programs!

Thursday, June 10, 2010
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Now you can access our entire online training library of over 500 training videos for as little as $28.00 per month. Three new Featured Partner Trainers, Kenny Harlow-USA, our own natural horseman, Colleen Kelly-AUS, biomechanics and seat expert and Jose Mendez-ESP, AUS, bringing ultimate classicism learned as a trainer at the Royal School of Equestrian Arts in Jerez, Spain.

We have something exciting and new...our own natural horseman! Kenny Harlow, sharing his "Training with Trust" methods with horses and students alike gaining astounding results. He rounds out his education training under top trainers in the disciplines of dressage, hunter/jumper, eventing, and reining. He has been featured on national television shows including Hard Copy, and NBC weekend Today show. Many newspapers and horse publications such as Horse World magazine, Equine journal, and Chronicle of The Horse have featured articles on Kenny's Training methods. His specialty is working with problem horses and starting unbrokes. He works with many of the U.S.A's top trainers, solving problems that seems unsolvable. See the sample mini clip.

Our next new featured partner trainer is Colleen Kelly of Australia. Colleen is one of 15 educational presenters chosen to present at the 2010 WEG, she is a biomechanics specialist, rider and judge, Colleen focuses on the science of rider physiology. She analyzes, tests and improves balance, co-ordination and timing of the rider. She focuses heavily on improving the independent seat so the rider can give light, imperceptible aids, assess imbalances between the left and right sides, improves specific rider issues
such as sitting trot, stiller legs and better hands.

And....our next new featured partner trainer is Jose Mendez of Spain, currently residing in Australia. Former Rider and Trainer of The Royal School of Equestrian Art in Jerez, Spain. Jose is a specialist in training the "High School Movements" most commonly associated with Spanish Horses. Watch Jose as he works with riders at any level helping them to train systematically and sympathetically. New Interactive Video-3rd/M Level, Reisa asks the questions you might like to ask! New Video-All about the Basics, hands, improving the gait, transitions, miscommunication, conditioning.
See the sample mini clip.

Jan Bemelmans-GER
New Video-2nd Level/I Level, Dealing with a horse that doesn't want to trot, only canter. Full session.

Alex Gerding-USA, GER
New Video-Training Level/E, 4 year old Hanoverian/Arab, Horses that like to
throw the haunches to the inside during transitions. Full session.
8 new training videos.
Free Sample MiniClip 1
Free Sample MiniClip 2.