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Monday, February 14, 2011

How do you take your training into the show ring? The newly released videos from DressageTrainingOnline.com will help you do just that! Part two of The 2010 Adequan/USDF Symposium featuring Gary Rockwell and Lilo Fore, is here! Part two focuses on third and fourth level (M or medium). In Part 2, available now, you have 12 new Dressage training videos focused on third Level and fourth Level, there is a demo test with scores and commentary for each test at each level, followed by training pertinent to the shown test, focusing on what needed to most be improved.

• Understand what has changed within each test at each level
• See Lilo Fore watch and provide training to the riders, specifically focused on what was seen as "developmental" in the test or the warm up before the test • Listen to Gary Rockwell as he gives movement by movement scores and commentary for each ride at each level
• Learn how to increase collection, activity, throughness
• Learn how to better your half pass work
• Learn why thinking "turn the girth around the haunches" will help you in your walk pirouettes
• The question, "How do I properly use my legs...calf...thigh...heel or spur", is answered.
• The question, "What exactly is contained in the IMPULSION score?", is answered.
• The question, "If a horse is short in the neck, behind the vertical, how does that affect the score?", is answered

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For a fee of $70 to $100 you can have your schooling test scored and receive valuable feedback on what you need to further develop and how.

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Part 2 of 2, 12 New Videos - Bridging the gap from training to showing

Get a head start on the new year! Join USDF, Gary Rockwell and Lilo Fore for an in-depth look at the tests that will be used in 2011 and beyond! They examine the tests from both an instructional and competitive perspective. Watch the test be ridden and get answers to your questions as they relate to the new movements, directive and collective marks. Tons of great hands on training is found within appropriate for each level. These videos are found in the Specialty Content tab of website.

New Video-Third Level Test 1 - Good learning opportunity to see a what a "5" canter depart looks like, due to it being, against the bit and a really lovely walk pirouette is demonstrated for and "8".

New Video-Third Level Test 1 - Here Lilo works with the rider on getting more collection, emphasizing that she needs to use more bend to help her achieve this.

New Video-Third Level Test 2 - Here you will see a wonderful example of a medium and extended walk for an "8" and how tension and changing late behind in the "flying change" can affect your score.

New Video-Third Level Test 2 - Here they focus on half pass work, Lilo helps the rider to better the movement by asking her to think of keeping the haunches under the traveling shoulder rather than focusing on the sideways.

New Video-Third Level Test 3 - In this test, you will see a turn on the haunches that is too small. A lovely, harmonious test, for a 71.8%.

New Video-Third Level Test 3 - Lilo focuses on the turn on the haunches during this session. She discusses the importance of preparing through shoulder in and then to turn the shoulder around the haunches. Gary points out that this results in not needing as much outside leg as we often think and gives a wonderful analogy of thinking, "turn the girth around the haunches", which makes us think of using our leg differently and more effectively.

New Video-Third Level Q & A - The following questions were asked and addressed...

• Straightness-what is it?
• What should your seat bone position be within lateral work?
• When a rider rides behind the vertical how does it impact the horse and how does the judge view it?
• What part of the leg should you use for what?
• In a turn on the haunches, if a leg sticks, how does that affect the score?
• Release of both reins....what is the purpose of it?
• Extended walk...where should the nose be?
• In shoulder in...do you look in the direction of travel or through the horses ears?

Free Sample Mini-Clip - Third Level 2010 Adequan/USDF Symposium
New Video-Fourth Level Test 1
- Most noteworthy in this test is the demonstration of medium canter, to collected canter, to medium canter on the diagonal. This is shown beautifully, to be your benchmark for how it should be done!

New Video-Fourth Level Test 1 - Collection, collection, collection....this is the focus.

New Video-Fourth Level Test 2 - This test is nicely ridden. An example of how stepping out behind in the walk pirouette can affect your score is shown in addition to an unsteady halt.

New Video-Fourth Level Test 2 - Lilo has the rider working on collection on a triangle, this helps to increase engagement in the hind leg, while turning at the three points.

New Video-Fourth Level Test 3 - In this session they focus on the canter pirouette. It is pointed out that you must have a good first step for it to be a successful pirouette.

New Video-Fourth Level Q & A -

The following questions were asked and addressed:
• What is throughness?
• A horse that is short in the neck...how does that affect the score?
• Explain carrying power, thrusting power and the impulsion score.
• Do you find the trainers view and judges view differs? How should they work together?

Free Sample Mini-Clip - Fourth Level 2010 Adequan/USDF Symposium