Saturday, June 23, 2007
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A comprehensive and international website which allows members to “virtually” train with talent they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Here is your opportunity to better understand the trainers,judges perspectives as well as care and well being of horses and more.

New Dressage Training Online Website
Enhances Global Dressage Community



Alamo, CA –Only six months after its launch, DressageTrainingOnline.com, has become an important new comer to the global dressage community. The site was the brainchild of founder and dressage enthusiast, Reisa Bonetti, who wanted to further her own riding and training. “I was renting videos and DVDs by the dozen and still found there were many aspects of training and competing that simply weren’t available,” said Bonetti, “I got the idea for a comprehensive dressage training website from my own need, so I put together a business plan and quickly discovered from fellow dressage riders that this was something many riders would want access to”.


Bonetti’s creation, DressageTrainingOnline.com, caught on quickly and the site’s membership continues to double and triple monthly. Bonetti credits the sites success to a number of factors. “I really focused on making the site comprehensive and international”, said Bonetti, “We allow members to “virtually” train with talent they wouldn’t have access to otherwise, we offer an opportunity to better understand the judges perspectives by listening to their score by score commentary on tests they have judged and we cover important aspects that effect the care and well being of horses, such as saddle fitting, massage therapy, trailering, ground work and more. You get to see and hear how these things are done, not just read about it, and this is powerful!” Bonetti’s comprehensive approach to the site has attracted members from more than ten countries.



Members have the opportunity to learn from top trainers, judges and experts from around the globe including Arthur Kottas Heldenberg, Edward Gal, Martin Schaudt, Jan Brink, Axel Steiner, Uwe Mechlem and dozens of other well respected professionals. Olympic Team Coach, Jean Bemelmans, also a featured trainer on DressageTrainingOnline.com, explained that he “likes the fact that the Internet opens the opportunity for training to so many people. This website allows them to train by just clicking on the video on their computer”. He added, “the site has real value in that it gives viewers access to a multitude of training approaches”. American trainer and top FEI competitor, Tuny Page described the site as “a great tool for globalizing the best of international dressage”. Page recommends the site for her own students and “anyone interested in dressage training.”


In addition to offering dressage enthusiasts a convenient and low cost (a one-month membership is only $36.) training method, DressageTrainingOnline.com makes on-going contributions to the dressage community. In March, DressageTrainingOnline.com became a major sponsor of the Junior /Young Rider Clinic with Edward Gal, Steffen Peters, Volker Brommann and George Williams hosted in Wellington, Florida. In April, DressageTrainingOnline.com, videotaped the US League Finals and aired the rides at no charge on the website.



In May, DressageTrainingOnline, put together an exclusive piece from the Rolex/FEI WorldCup, featuring Janet Brown Foy, USA, FEI judge giving commentary during the Grand Prix warm-up. The segment offered a unique opportunity to see how top competitors warm-up their horses before such an important competition. “We are truly committed to giving back to the dressage community and will continue to use the website as a tool to further this goal”, said Bonetti. The site also offers a free monthly newsletter with free clips of new videos and many informative educational sections that are open to members and non-members alike.


Plans for the next six months for dressagetrainingonline.com include the addition of three new trainers and two new judges, developing additional content based on user feedback and developing translations into several languages. Visit dressagetrainingonline.com for more details.

Photo: Reisa Bonetti, founder of dressagetrainingonline.com
(Sherman Chu photo courtesy of dressagetrainingonline)