DressageTrainingOnline Releases New Video - Spanish National Coach Jan Bemelmans

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


DressageTrainingOnline.com announces new video release! Today you can watch as Jan Bemelmans of Germany train Spanish riders on the PRE, Lusitano and Andalusian horses! From these videos you will learn: How to open the neck and get a more honest connection and how to get a bigger stride and more jump from a horse that wants to be too collected too often. Jan Bemelmans - (GER) Bemelmans is truly a rider/trainer with heart and soul for what he does! Originally from Belgium, now living in Germany he spends a great deal of time developing and coaching in the position of National Trainer for the Spanish Team. In addition to the 2004 Olympic medals, Bemelmans has coached the Spanish team to the silver medal in the 2002 World Championships and the 2003 European Championships. He is also the trainer of many international grand prix riders and is the winner of 50 international grand prix himself.

**New Video - I-II/S Level.
In this video Jan works with Juan Jiminez of Spain, on his horse, a Lusitano,  on getting a better canter. The canter is short and overly collected. They strive to get a bigger stride and step. They work on the tempi changes where the horse is a bit tense and they focus on the 4 tempis only to get good quality as opposed to lots of changes. They also work on the walk which is short and Jan wants to fix this by getting the horse to reach and have more honest contact with the bit. Later they move into the trot and half pass work which is absolutely beautiful. 

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**New Video- I-I/S Level.
Jan works with Nuria Vila Perez of Spain on the Andalusion stallion, Kalibre. They have previously shown I-I and Prix St Georges and are working on Grand Prix. Jan schooled Nuria by asking that Kalibre stay elevated and long in the neck. He used transitions within the trot half pass from forward to collected and back to forward to encourage Kalibre to stretch his neck more open. Keeping contact with his hind legs when going from the medium to the collected trot created better connection. The half pass was improved by making sure to ride deep into the corners and begin the halt pass right out of the corner. Part 2: They went on to train the transitions from passage to piaffe and back to passage. The canter pirouettes were improved by getting Kalibre quicker with his hind legs using travers on a circle, and then riding out of this to the canter pirouette. 

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**New Video - Grand Prix/S Level.
Jan works with Eduardo Mellado of Spain, to get his horse, a PRE, more open in the neck and to get better contact in the hand. They work on thinking low and deep as they go through their work. Tempi work begins. Part 2: Here they continue their work, with relaxation and then move into piaffe passage work and transitions between. Finally they move into canter pirouette work. The pirouettes are large but very correct. Jan tells Eduardo that in a show, he would want to see the horses poll higher but in training to focus on it being longer and lower in this way. They end with piaffe passage work focusing on the transitions. 

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