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Sunday, January 16, 2011
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January is our month for beginning to prepare for competition. While its still cold outside, use this time to watch and learn how the 2011 tests are supposed to look. Understand the judges perspective and what they are looking for. Use our new Personal Academy to submit a schooling test video to our judges to see if you are ready for show season! Please enjoy the following video release of 8 new Dressage training videos on DressageTrainingOnline.com that is applicable to all levels of riders, sponsored by the Potomac Valley Dressage Association.


• See the following 2011 tests ridden and commentated from FEI O Judge Axel Steiner, 3-2, 3-3, 4-2, 4-3, PSG, II, III, Grand Prix
• See new test movement, reinback to canter and understand how it is supposed to be done
• Learn the difference between a wallk pirouette and turn on the haunches
• Listen to the judges view on final impression and how it can affect your collective marks

Axel Steiner-USA, FEI O Judge and trainer

Axel started riding as a 9-year-old in Germany and later attended the well known riding schools of Warendorf and von Neindorff. After moving to the USA in 1961, he competed on his own horses and on horses owned by the US Modern Pentathlon Team until his military duties interfered. He received his first national judges licence in 1968, and was promoted by the FEI to Official status (FEI-O, now FEI Five Star*****) in 1988. Axel has judged in 35 different countries, from Zambia to World Cup Finals, Pan American, and Olympic Games. After retiring from the military in 1988, he has also concentrated on teaching, and is now a much sought after clinician throughout the country.

New Video-New 2011 USEF Test, 3-1

Here the rider goes through the test, as Axel gives commentary on what he is seeing.
Afterwards the test is openly discussed and certain pieces are re-done
to answer questions of the spectators.

Free Sample Mini-Clip

New Video-New 2011 USEF Test, 3-2

See the test ridden, slight connection issues and flying change problems. At the end they work to make these better.

New Video-New 2011 USEF Test, 3-3,
see the test ridden, here is a very good example shown of walk pirouettes vs. turn on the haunches

Free Sample Mini-Clip

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