DressageTraining OnLine offers Ten New Videos Chock Full of Information

Saturday, April 3, 2010
Posted by bossmare

New Video-3rd/M Level with Debbie McDonald, features emphasis on controlling the shoulder and really getting the horse on the outside rein. Lots of valuable exercises to help you to accomplish these things. New Video-Training/I Level with Catherine Haddad, focuses on how to hold your hands, how to think of the correct bit contact and the importance of making your horse always be forward and in front of the leg. Hilda Gurney focuses on 1st/E Level, with basic relaxing warm-up allowing the green rider to focus on herself. And at the I1/S Level, Hilda gives Lahua some exercises to help get a better change, such as thinking of moving the inside shoulder under the outside rein before asking for the flying change.
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