DressageDaily's HorseMarket Has Record Month to Kick off 2011!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011
Posted by Elizabeth


[#4175 override="Mystique's Manolete - Sold in 26 days!" title="Mystique's Manolete - Sold in 26 days!"] - "Hi there Elizabeth, Just to let you know that Mystique's Manolete has sold. The 2 potential buyers had contacted me within 2 days of the ad being posted. Both flew out to see and ride Manolete (from Florida and Chicago) and the man from Chicago bought him much to the lady from Florida's disappointment. Thank you so much for your wonderful website and for your beautiful presentation of the ad. Both of which I am sure helped to sell my horse." - Sincerely, Dr Anne Starr. In BC, Canada. Well it has been a very busy time at DressageDaily's HorseMarket for the start of 2011! We have started the year with a bang and it looks like things are in an upswing for the economy of the Horse World! Dressage in Florida and California is in full swing and horse sales across the country are picking up. Horses are not only being placed for sale online, they're selling!


We are pleased that our clients trust us to help them market their horses and pride ourselves on a great customer service experience that helps us to continue to grow our repeat business clients such as Irene Wiederhold from HW Farm (HorseSales LLC) in Cape Coral FL. Irene sent us this great testimonial after the sell of one of her horses that she has advertsied with us:



[#4384 override="Donatella HW" title="Donatella HW"] - "Thank you so much for posting my sales ad. It was as usual a great success and Donatella HW found the perfect owner, joining her son Sundance HW in the same barn! I'm sure they had lots to tell each other. The exposure on Dressagedaily is just phenomenal. I'll send you more horse ads, no doubt about it." - Irene, HorseSales LLC.


And things are looking up for our great clients in Canada as well. We have seen continued growth with horse listings from Canada and we also have horses listed from Europe as well!



[#4975 override="Shenanigans" title="Shenanigans"] - "I just wanted to let you know that "Shenanigans" has been sold thanks to your wonderful website. The first lady that came to see her loved her and I had several people waiting in line. Please mark her ad "SOLD" and thank you." - Joanne Brooks. In Ontario, Canada.


Our clients have repeatedly told us that the shoppers who visit DressageDaily's HorseMarket are the "real deal" and they are "serious, qualified buyers who are not tire kickers". Thanks to all for your support as we continue to grow and we look forward to helping more "Quality Horses find their Quality Homes".