DressageDaily Trainer in the Spotlight - Nancy Later

Thursday, April 12, 2007


With Hurricane Wilma only a distant memory her beloved Heartwood Farm in West Palm Beach Florida is put back together and better than ever. Nancy Later is ready to continue her success in and out of the dressage saddle. As an FEI Competitor with years of experience at all levels, in both the USA and Europe, Later offers her horses and clients a valuable perspective. Later, also believes in giving back through her participation in the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Equestrian of the Year campaign, helping to raise nearly $100,000 for an important cause.

Thanks to her father, many new friends, she has a new hurricane-proof barn, enhancing her facilities, hosting clinics and daily lessons for clients. And thanks to her boyfriend of two years, Matt Lavoie, Nancy has become a master at using a Bobcat and clearing trees-how many top dressage riders know how to do that?!