DressageDaily News Notes for April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010
Posted by Lynndee

There is no doubt the show season is in full swing with the arrival of spring. The calendar of shows is nearly two dozen for this weekend spread all across the country. And the clinic schedule is getting just as busy in the northern part of the country. In the Northeast, the New England Dressage Association’s annual spring symposium is this weekend featuring Bettina Drummond. The Kentucky dressage test events were a big success last weekend. And, some British riders are competing this weekend – but on foot. And there might be a change in the Guinness Book of Records for lightest horse born with the arrival of a foal last week.
It's a big show weekend for the West Coast with the Del Mar National Dressage CDI (www.delmarnational.com) kicking off today and running through Sunday in Del Mar, California. Also in California this weekend is the Bridlewood Equestrian Center's Cinco de Mayo dressage show (www.bridlewoodequestriancenter.com) in Copperopolis. And Yarra Yarra Dressage (www.yarrayarraranch.com) is being held in Pleasanton, California. The CRAA Spring Derby (www.orgsites.com/ct/ctriverarabianassoc.com) is taking place in Northampton, Mass. Majestic Farm Ride for the Roses (www.majesticfarm.net) is in Batavia, Ohio. Kansas City Dressage Society (www.kcdressage.com) has its show going on this weekend in Kansas City, Missouri. In Conyers, Georgia, the Good Horseman Foundation/Collecting Gaits Farm Dressage show is taking place (www.goodhorseman.org). The Oklahoma Dressage Society's Spring Fling (www.showsecretary.com) is in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Memphis in Springtime (www.deltadressage.com) is being held in Memphis, Tenn. The CTDS Bluebonnet Classic (www.centexdressage.org) is being held in Manor, Texas. CDCTA Dressage (www.cdcta.com) is being held at Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia. In Florida, the Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge III (www.wellingtonclassicdressage.com) is being held at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center. The Rocking Horse Spring Dressage (www.rockinghorseht.com) is in Altoona, Florida. Dressage at the Ridge (www.sucaroridge.com) is happening this weekend in Tuskegee, Alabama. Fields and Fences Spring DressageFest (www.fieldsandfences.com) is in Gurnee, Illinois. SVDA, Inc. Spring Fling (www.gosvda.org) is in Williamsburg, Virginia. Once Again Farm Dressage (203-238-3553) will take place in Meriden, Connecticut. Suddenly Farm Dressage (www.suddenlyfarm.com) is being held in Lumberton, New Jersey. And, in neighboring Pennsylvania, Dressage at the Bucks County Horse Park (www.buckscountyhorsepark.org) is taking place in Revere.

If you are in the Northeast this weekend and want an educational weekend, then check out the New England Dressage Association’s Spring Fling symposium featuring classical dressage trainer Bettina Drummond. The symposium is being held at Apple Knoll Farm in Millis, Mass. and will introduce riders to the French system of classical training. On Friday of the symposium, Bettina will take participants back in time and show them how the French system was actually taught in an academic setting. The day-long course in dressage history will cover the roots of the French system and will include demonstrations of 18th and 19th century techniques to participants can see how they have been applied to modern dressage. The next two days of the symposium will mix theory with application as participants learn techniques for strengthening and suppling horses, learn about the use of in-hand and ground work for developing young horses and teaching new movements and learn techniques for perfecting complicated movements such as piaffe and pirouettes. To learn more, visit www.neda.org.

Well, one thing is sure and that is the dressage test events held at the Kentucky Horse Park sure showed their success at attracting the media. Several Lexington area newspapers reported on the dressage competitions and seem to have done their best to explain the sport of dressage to readers. The Herald Leader newspaper admitted that to the uninitiated, dressage might seem, well, a bit more boring than watching horses clear jumps. The newspaper likened it to “ballet for horses.” Check out more at www.kentucky.com.

Some British riders left their horses behind when they competed this past week. That’s because what they were competing in was a marathon – the 29th Virgin London Marathon. The equestrian athletes were competing to raise funds for the Spinal Injuries Association, the type of injuries that unfortunately, are all too common among riders. The marathon was a 26.2 mile route that took runners around London starting in Greenwich Park and finishing in St. James Park. You can read more at www.horseandhound.co.uk.

MSNBC reported this week on what might be the lightest foal ever born. A new pinto foal named Einstein weighed in a six pounds and measured only 14 inches when born last week in Barnstead, New Hampshire. Einstein is a miniature horse, but even for a mini, that’s small. His co-owner, Dr. Rachel Wagner, reports that the Guinness Book of Records lists the smallest newborn foal as being nine pounds, much more than Einstein at birth. The current record holder is Thumbelina. Guess she’d better move over and make room for Einstein in the record books.
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