Dressage4Kids' Kids Turn Dreams Into Reality

Monday, October 23, 2017
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Nicholas Hansen - from D4K YDF to NAJYRC

Nicholas Hansen - from D4K YDF to NAJYRC

Dressage4Kids' kids turn dreams into reality. But they don't do it alone. They do it with support from us and from you. We are inspired by kids who are passionate about Dressage, about the care of their horses, and about achieving their goals.

Our programs support these children and young adults, providing educational and competitive opportunities through the TEAM Program, the Youth Dressage Festival, the Weekend Equestrian Program, the Winter Intensive Training Program, the Horse Donation Program and the Scholarship Program.

These activities wouldn't happen without you - our supporters, volunteers, sponsors, participants, friends, and families. We would like to ask you to continue your support and consider making a donation today.

Through our activities, we encourage our participants to dream big - to set a goal of qualifying for the Championships, of making the Olympic team, of opening a training facility, of becoming a Judge, or of achieving their very best in other ways.

Our kids are passionate; they achieve their goals; they find ways to give back to help others achieve their goals.

From the rider who wrote that one of her horse's greatest strengths is that they are best friends, to the rider who played her saxophone to raise money to attend the Youth Dressage Festival, to the young rider who started a t-shirt fundraiser and donated $1,000 back to the Dressage4Kids Scholarship Fund, of which she has been a past recipient, all our riders are out there every day working to achieve their goals and to help others achieve theirs.

Let's continue to support them.

Your support is vital to keep our programs running and to help turn dreams into reality.

One of our riders started at the Youth Dressage Festival at age 12 and has since participated in every Dressage4Kids Program. With help from Dressage4Kids and its supporters, this rider went on to the Young Rider World Cup in Germany and the Pan American Games and now gives back to the Dressage4Kids community through lectures, donating lessons and participating as a Youth Dressage Festival Roving Trainer.

Let's keep helping turn dreams into reality.

Please consider making a contribution today. Every gift matters.

On behalf of the Dressage4Kids committee and most importantly on behalf of our riders, thank you for your generous support.

Lendon Gray
Dressage4Kids Inc