Dressage4Kids Dressage Horsemastership Week Led by US Olympians Robert Dover and Lendon Gray

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
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Emerging Dressage Athlete graduate Brandi Roenick won individual Gold at the 2012 North American Young Riders' Championships
Emerging Dressage Athlete graduate Brandi Roenick won individual Gold at the 2012 North American Young Riders' Championships
In 2012 the first annual Robert Dover Horsemastership Week held in conjunction with the Emerging Dressage Athlete program produced individual Gold medalist for the North American Young Riders, Brandi Roenick, and the Individual Junior Gold medalist Ayden Uhlir. Now  US Olympian Lendon Gray and Robert Dover are preparing for the continued success by announcing the Second Annual Robert Dover Horsemastership Week (RDHW) will be held January 2-6, 2013 in the Van Kampen Indoor Arena at the Global Dressage Festival show grounds in Wellington, Florida. This special week for dressage riders coincides with the George Morris Horsemastership Clinic with top junior jumping riders. Riders for the RDHW are chosen from Dressage4Kids (D4K) Emerging Dressage Athlete Clinics held around the country as well as from three major competitions: the North American Junior Young Rider Championships, the US Equestrian Federation Festival of Champions and the Dressage Seat Medal Finals.
Chosen participants are Anna Campbell (TX), Jackie Cartesio (NY), Nicole Chiapetti (IL), Rebecca Cohen (FL), Katie Foster (WI), Brandi Roenick (AR), Cassie Schmidt (TX), Rosie Julian Simoes (IL), Lilly Simons (CT), Ayden Uhlir (WA), Genay Vaughn (CA), Mattie Zepernick (LA).

Selected Auditors chosen from the clinics include: Giulia Cohen, Hope Cooper, Abby Fleischli, Amanda Hester, Kristen Nowak, Nicole Nowak, Tasha Mitchell, Mackenzie Pooley, Emily Smith, Megan Tritch, Sarah Whitney.

All participants will start each day doing a workout with trainer Bob Gutowitz. Their day will also include riding and lectures from international veterinarians, sports psychologists, farriers and others. Lectures will be held at Tuny Page’s Stillpoint Farm.
Emerging Dressage Athlete graduate yden Uhlir won individual Gold at the 2012 North American Junior Young Riders' Championships
Emerging Dressage Athlete graduate yden Uhlir won individual Gold at the 2012 North American Junior Young Riders' Championships
The instructors for the week reads like a who’s who of dressage and includes Dover, 2012 US Olympians Jan Ebeling and Tina Konyot, US Olympians Lendon Gray and Courtney Dye, international riders Katherine Bateson Chandler, Tuny Page and Michael Barisone and international judges Gary Rockwell and Anne Gribbons. DressageDaily's Mary Phelps will appear for the second year to give her informative "Handling the Media, and Making The Right Impression" lecture.

The Emerging Dressage Athlete Program (EDAP) and Clinics was started two years ago by D4K founder and President Lendon Gray after she recognized the incredible success of the US Hunter Jumper Association’s Emerging Athlete Program. Robert Dover joined her once he was no longer the Coach of the Canadian Dressage Team. Courtney Dye jumped on board soon thereafter and these three Olympians are combing the US to find, educate, and develop talented youth into the next generation of international riders and trainers.

EDAP is designed for dressage competitors under the age of 21 and is meant to be a stepping-stone from the grassroots level to the long ladder on the way to representing the US in international competitions and/or becoming a successful professional.

Gray was one of five clinicians who taught at regional clinics. She joined Dye, Nancy Later, Sharon McCusker and Conrad Schumacher. Gray stated, “It was exciting to discover new riders who are off the radar but have talent and determination and just need help to be successful in this business. There is amazing young talent in the US; we need to find ways to help them.”

Regional Clinics were held at Bear Spot Farm, Concord, MA., Dry Water Farm, Stoughton, MA., Hampton Green Farm, Fruitport, MI., Las Colinas Equestrian Center, Irving, TX., Legacy USA Equestrian Center, Burr Ridge, Il., and Mistover Farm, Pawling, NY.

Riders under 21 may apply for EDAP clinics at any time at www.dressage4kids.com. Once a suitable group of applicants is found for an area, a clinic is set up. Selectors look not only for determination, but correct and effective position, correct use of the aids and a feeling for rhythm, tempo, relaxation and balance. Clinic riders are ranked and the highest ranked riders are invited to the RDHW.

Dover added, "I am thrilled to be part of EDAP and the Horsemastership Week. I believe it is one of the finest youth programs developed and will help produce the depth we need in our top rider ranks to ensure America will have medal winning teams in the future."

Dressage4Kids sponsors much of the RDHW to keep costs for participants to a minimum. Sponsors for the week are always needed. Dressage4Kids, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization that provides educational and competitive opportunities for youth riders in order to encourage those same riders to become true horsemen, develop good sportsmanship skills and to have fun. D4K also supports programs for adults who support and educate youth. For more information, or to donate to the organization, visit www.Dressage4Kids.com

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