Dressage4Kids Does It Again With Mentoring Program This Week

Wednesday, August 2, 2017
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Olivia LaGoy Weltz and Lonoir

Olivia LaGoy Weltz and Lonoir at Aachen CHIO 2017
©Mary Phelps

Just two weeks after her solid performance at Aachen contributing to the US Dressage Team Nation’s Cup Silver Medal, Olivia LaGoy Weltz and fellow Virginian, Olympian Allison Brock are headed to Riveredge, Chesapeake City, MD donating their time to the Dressage4Kids. Courtney King Dye, another Olympian and inspiration for the program, Courtney King Dye Horsemastership Clinic will also be on hand for a special evening with the participants.

When Lendon Gray asks, Olivia and Allison both gladly comply as great believers in the program which provides educational and competitive opportunities for youth riders and the adults who support them.

Both know the meaning of hard work and paying your dues, and have great admiration for Gray, the program and all she has done for creating the springboard for the growth of the sport in America.

Allison Brock and Rosevelt

Allison Brock and Rosevelt at Rotterdam 2016
©Mary Phelps

“There is so much about this program and Lendon that I admire,” said Lagoy-Weltz. “What I particularly notice is that while the program is geared towards youth she holds them to a standard. Not in a mean way, but in a way that sets the tone of their training to come.”

Hosted by Hassler Dressage at Riveredge, Chesapeake City, MD August 1 – August 5, 14 qualified young riders and several auditors will be participating in a full week of a diverse and well rounded schedule. Lagoy Weltz and Brock are just a part of the week of activities.

Take a look at the schedule and who will be there.

Instructors - Alison Brock, Scott Hassler, Courtney King-Dye and Olivia LaGoy Weltz

Jann Clark and Judi Gilsdorf of Hassler Dressage - How to Organize and Manage a Super Stable

Jennifer Kotylo 
Certified Core Dynamics Pilates Instructor, 
Certified Level 2 Equilates Instructor both Pilates Track and Riding Track
. Certified Ekhart Meyners’ Balimo Teacher. USDF “L” Judges Program Graduate with Distinction

Kyrena Parkinson PHD in Holistic Sports Nutrition and Qualified Saddle Fitter, Society of Master Saddlers, UK 


  • Olivia Brown NC
Sophia Chavonelle ME
Maja Cornwell MD
  • Emma Count VA

  • Ava Dzilinski RI

  • Paige Hendrick RI
  • Tessa Holloran MA
  • Hannah Irons MD
  • Kayla Kadlubek VA
  • Olivia Massotti RI
  • Allison Nemeth NJ
  • Jordan Osbourne PA
  • Quinn Ridgway NJ
  • Emma Szegvari MA

Participating Auditors

  • Caroline Cochran MD
  • Caiden Ridgway NJ
  • Suzannah Rogers SC

And here are all the other goodies donated for this program

Thank you to Horse Box for their gift boxes
Thank you to Lara Osborne and The Collected Pony for the hats
Thank you to Joni Valerio and The Sugarplum Pony Bakery for the treats 

Tentative Schedule
Monday, July 31
5:00 PM Intro meeting at stable for those who can make it – snacks provided

Tuesday, August 1

Scott Hassler Courtney King-Dye
7:30 Emma Count, Ava Dzilinski
8:15 Paige Hendrick, Olivia Massotti
9:00 Emma Szegvari, Jordan Osborne
9:45 Tessa Holloran, Maja Cornwell
10:30 Hannah Irons, Quinn Ridgway
11:15 Allison Nemeth, Sophia Chavonelle

12:00 Kayla Kadlubek, Olivia Brown Saddle Fit in Stable – work in pairs with Kyrena Robinson
1:00 Lunch in lounge
1:30 Nutrition for riders and saddle construction – Kyrena Parkinson
3:00 Jennifer Kotylo – Mat Workout in lounge
How Pilates Can Help Your Riding
5:30 Supper with Courtney King Dye at Guesthouse – parents, trainers, etc. welcome

Wednesday, August 2
7:00 Jennifer Kotylo – Mat Workout at stable
Ekhart Meyners and the Balimo System
Scott Hassler Courtney King-Dye
8:00 Hannah Irons, Olivia Massotti
8:45 Emma Count, Sophia Chavonelle
9:30 Paige Hendrick, Olivia Massotti
10:15 Emma Szegvari, Ava Dzilinski
11:00 Kayla Kadlubek, Maja Cornwell
11:45 Tessa Holloran, Paige Hendrick
12:30 Allison Nemeth, Jordan Osborne

1:15 Lunch in lounge

1:45 Lecture in classroom – Scott Hassler followed by tour of facility

3:00 Visit to Select Breeders Services OR Jennifer Kotylo lecture in lounge Rider Position and the Pelvis and the Pesky Psoas

Thursday, August 3

7:00 Exercise your horses
8:00 Drive to Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center - 721 Training Center Drive Elkton, Maryland 21921
12:00 Exercise Session – core fitness in stable

1:00 Lunch in lounge

1:30 Jann Clark, Judi Gilsdorf, and Sara Hassler – Organization of the Super Stable
3:00 Jennifer Kotylo - Improve Your Riding Through Movement – PowerPoint Presentation
5:00 Written test on parts of equine skeleton and soft tissue of legs

Friday August 5
7:00 Jennifer Kotylo – Easy Movements for Increased Mobility

Ali Brock and Olivia LaGoy Weltz

8:00 Tessa Holloran, Kayla Kadlubek
8:45 Hannah Irons, Emma Szegvari
9:30 Paige Hendrick, Olivia Massotti
10:15 Maia Cornwell, Emma Count
11:00 Olivia Brown, Allison Nemeth
11:45 Sophia Chavonelle, Jordan Osborne
12:30 Ava Dzilinski, Quinn Ridgway

1:30 Lunch in Lounge

2:00 Discussion with Ali and Olivia in Lounge

3:00 Jennifer Kotylo – Thai Yoga Massage Class

Saturday, August 6

Ali Brock Olivia LaGoy Weltz
7:30 Paige Hendrick, Emma Szegvari
8:15 Ava Dzilinski, Olivia Massotti
9:00 Sophia Chavonelle, Allison Nemeth
9:45 Olivia Brown, Quinn Ridgway
10:30 Tessa Holloran, Jordan Osborne
11:15 Maia Cornwell, Kayla Kadlubek
12:00 Hannah Irons, Emma Count
12:45 At Stable – Wrap up

Dressage 4 Kids

Special Thank You to Those Who Believe in our Program:
Hassler Dressage at Riveredge, and owners Leslie & John Malone for their kind support and generosity
Kim Van Kampen and Hampton Green Farm for their ongoing support
Jann Clark, Judi Gilsdorf, and Susanne and Scott Hassler for all their help

We are also grateful to the instructors and lecturers listed below who are giving their time for these dedicated young riders.