Dressage4kids Announces The Tenth Annual Weekend Educational Program

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
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Dressage4kids, Inc is pleased to invite everyone interested in horses and riding to their Tenth Annual Weekend  Educational Program. The program will take place Saturday and Sunday, January 21/22, 2012 at Nonnewaug Regional High School, 5 Minortown Rd, Woodbury, CT. There will be lectures dedicated to Dressage Riders, Pony Clubbers and Event riders as well as those geared to instructors, adult amateurs and youth of all levels and ages. There will be lectures on subjects of interest to everyone involved in horses including vet care, stable management,riding theory. There will be peer roundtable discussions for parents, for professionals, and for youth heading toward the North American Junior/Young Rider Dressage and Eventing Championships.

There will be a meeting for the Region 8 and Area 1 potential Dressage and Eventing team members for planning fundraising, coaching, and transportation to NAJYRC. 

Once again Susan Sieber will oversee educational and fun activities for the youngest children with the assistance of Nonnewaug students. There will be an extra fee for these youth. 

On Saturday there is a separate forum for Instructors. This will be suitable for riding instructors of all levels and disciplines as it will cover "How to Teach". Speakers will include schoolteachers, psychologists, as well as riding instructors. This session will be limited in number. For more information contact Lendon Gray -

On Sunday there will be an Eventing and USEA Area 1 Young Rider Program. This series of presentations anddiscussions is open to all levels of young eventers. In addition to talks about different eventing topics, there will be specific sessions on the 2012 Area 1 Young Rider Program and NAJYRC Championship Team. For more information, contact Nancy Marks:, or 914-318-7306.

On Sunday a separate forum for dressage judges will be held. The forum will be open only to USEF judges,USDF "L" graduates and "L" candidates. The forum will include a discussion of using half points in scoring. For further information on the Judge's Session, contact Margaret Freeman - , 914-244-8994.

To see a list of the other speakers, a complete schedule of events, and application form go to and click on Educational Program or contact Susan Sieber -,  203-223-4261.

The Tenth Annual Weekend Educational Program will be held
January 21 and 22, 2012
Saturday: 9am-5pm, Sunday: 8am-4pm

Registration and coffee, one hour prior to start time for Riders of all Ages and Levels, Instructors, and Parents

Special Sessions for:
Instructors of all Disciplines on How to Teach (Saturday)
Dressage Judges on Using Half Points (Sunday)
Eventers (Sunday)
Mini WEP (Weekend Eductaional Program) for those under 10

With Sponsorship from the Connecticut Dressage Association

Special Lectures on Saturday by:
Hilary Clayton BVMS, PhD, DACVSMR, MRCVS
•    Advance registration for adults: $50 for both days, or $30 for one day  (Lunch included)
•    Advance registration for youth: $25 for both days, or $15 for one day  (Lunch included)
•    If application postmarked after January 10 or at the door for adults: $70 for both days, or $50 for one day. Lunch included as available.

If application postmarked after January 10 or at the door for youth: $50 for both days,or $30 for one day.
•    Mini-WEP (10 and under) in advance: $30/day Lunch included
•    Mini-WEP at the door: $45/day Lunch included

The Heritage Hotel, 522 Heritage Rd, Southbury, CT is offering a special hotel rate for "Dressage4kids" participants. Please contact the Heritage Hotel at: 203-264-8200. Coffee will be available in the hotel lobby at 7am, and boxed breakfasts can be ordered in advance for $9 each.

Updates will also be placed on the Dressage4kids Facebook page. This will be a lovely opportunity to meet and network with riders, parents, and instructors from other disciplines as well as different areas of the country. 

A partial list of the talks offered:
•    Keynote Speaker: Hilary Clayton: Back Pain
•    Bits, Bitting and Rein Tension (2 presentations)
•    Emily Harrison, DVM: Volunteering as a Vet in Morocco
•    Margaret Freeman: How to get an 8 or Higher
•    Christina Braun, DVM and Krista Zahn, DVM: Ulcers NSAID's - What the Competitor Needs to Know
•    Jamieson Wallace: Centered on the Ground
•    Liz Webb and Erika Petersson: The Horse's Skeleton
•    Aimee Ciampini: Speech Therapy and Therapeutic Riding
•    Beth Clarke: Equine Business Planning
•    Ray Connors: Equine Animal Cruelty Investigation in Connecticut
•    Karen Withstandly: Using the Thermal Imaging Machine for Saddle fitting

•    Margaret Freeman: First Level, the Black Hole
•    Lendon Gray: Trainer's Roundtable
•    Amy von Scholz: Why Ride a Circle?
•    Jenny Susser, PhD: Improving Performance with Sport Psychology
•    Beth Clarke: Legal Issues  
•    Bobbie Jackson: Performance Plateaus, Maximizing Movement for the Long Term
•    Kimberly Compton DiCostanzo: Canter and Winter Survival Tips and Getting your Barn Ready for Spring and Summer
•    Debra Reinhardt: What You Need to Know to Have a Successful Show Experience
•    Liz Webb and Erika Petersson: The Muscles of the Horse
•    Bob Ellis and Brent Soto: Tour of the Farrier's Truck
•    Kristen Soto: Vaulting for Balance, Strength, and Fun
•    Hollie McNeil: Riding Fundamentals - New Images of Horse and Rider
•    Karen Withstandly: Using the Thermal Imaging Machine for Saddle fitting