Dressage4Kids’ Emerging Dressage Athlete Program and Hampton Green Farm Announce Inaugural Winter Training Program

Monday, August 13, 2012
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Jacklyn Brooks, Lendon Gray and Endel Ots
Jacklyn Brooks, Lendon Gray and Endel Ots

Dressage4Kids’ Emerging Dressage Athlete Program and Hampton Green Farm are pleased to announce their inaugural winter training opportunity for youth riders. It will be held in Wellington, Florida, during the months of January through March, 2013. The program will be overseen by Lendon Gray who will be doing the majority of the riding instruction. Guest instructors and lecturers will also participate. Riders of any age (21 and under) and any riding level will be considered for participation. “Since I gave up having my own stable three years ago I have been frustrated that I could not give the opportunities to learn that I was able to provide for many working students over the years, “Lendon stated.

“This is a different program but something I have dreamed about for a long time – a truly intensive training camp for serious dressage riders who are willing to put in the efforts that we see from the young Olympians from other sports now competing in London.” Lendon who was voted into eth USDF Hall of Fame, was the long time teacher for international riders Courtney King-Dye, Chris Hickey, Mica Mabragana, Meagan Davis, Jocelyn Wiese, Rachel Chowanec, and Isabelle Liebler at the beginning of their dressage careers.

Participants during a lecture
Participants during a lecture

The goal of this program is to give an opportunity for youth riders to participate in consistent and extensive training not only in riding, but in all areas of horse care, riding and training theory, and competition skills. The program will include instruction in fitness of horse and rider, sports psychology, equestrian business management, and other pertinent subjects. There will be guest speakers, trips to watch top riders teach and train, auditing of clinics, viewing of riding at horse shows, discussions with judges, farriers, vets, etc.

According to Lendon, “This will not be a program for the casual rider, but for young riders determined to be the best they can be. The age and level of the rider is not important; the determination, discipline, and drive are. The high standards that will be taken for granted of the riders while on their horses will also be expected in the care of their horses and their presentation of themselves at all times.”

Team spirit
Team spirit

The program will run from January 4 to March 28. Riders may come for the entire three months, or for shorter periods if stabling permits. There are a few horses and ponies available for riders who cannot bring their own. The fee for the program, will cover lessons, lectures, stall with hay, grain, and bedding, coaching at shows, and stable management supervision. The fee will not cover rider housing, meals, transportation, horse supplements, show fees, farrier, vet, etc. There will be time each day for riders who are homeschooled or being tutored.

“I couldn't be more excited to have Dressage4Kidshost their winter training camp at Hampton Green Farm in Wellington,” said Hampton Green Farm’s owner Kimberley Boyer from London where she is watching her PRE stallion Grandioso represent Spain in the Olympics. “This program corresponds so much to what HGF is involved with: the Lendon Youth Dressage Festival, the Emerging Dressage Athlete Program, and the Global Dressage Festival. A number of the riders have been working students in the past at HGF and they, and the others, are an important generation for the future of dressage in the US.”

Endel Ots coaching participant
Endel Ots coaching participant

Renee Isler, a long time supporter of youth in Dressage is spearheading a sponsorship program to provide scholarships for the program. Renee said that she, too, has felt a need for this type of program, as this group could very well be our future riders, trainers, judges, and even owners/sponsors. Her willingness to work for this effort is, as she states, “because, I believe in this program; it’s an amazing opportunity, and could only happen because of the generosity of someone like Lendon.” She added, “Florida is the ideal location because of the concentration of talent that will only enhance the education of this group of young people.”

Anyone interested should contact Lendon Gray – 914-234-4158
For a pictorial of Hampton Green Farm in Wellington: Click Here

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