Dressage Training Online Offers Exclusive Look At Brentina Retirement Ceremony at World Cup

Thursday, April 30, 2009
Posted by Christy


Las Vegas, NV – There wasn’t a dry eye in the house during the official retirement ceremony of U.S. dressage horse Brentina at the recent World Cup in Las Vegas, and dressage enthusiasts everywhere will now have a chance to watch the ceremony – and maybe shed a few tears of their own -- thanks to Dressage Training Online. The dressage training website not only captured the emotional ceremony, but also taped an exclusive interview with rider Debbie McDonald that will begin airing on Dressage Training Online on Saturday.

“Brentina’s retirement ceremony was such an heartfelt experience, and I am thrilled that horse fans who weren’t at the World Cup will get to see it,” said Dressage Training Online founder Reisa Bonetti. “We also taped a special award ceremony with Debbie McDonald at the Trilogy Dressage Saddle booth, which I am sure everyone will enjoy.”

Brentina, now 18, enjoyed 15 amazing years with McDonald. Together the pair won the hearts of the country along with a great deal of success, including a team and individual gold at the Pan American Games in 1999, the World Cup title in Gothenburg in 2003, a team bronze at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 and a team bronze at the World Equestrian Games in Aachen in 2006.
The Las Vegas World Cup crowd roared their approval as Brentina made her last trip around the arena, and even McDonald wiped away tears. “It’s always emotional, but certainly rewarding, when you get to watch history in the making,” Bonetti said. “So many dressage riders have been fans of Brentina and Debbie over the years, and it was great to see the mare retire with so much love from her fans.”

Dressage Training Online also taped a special award ceremony at the Trilogy Dressage Saddle booth, a longtime sponsor of McDonald’s. “Brentina and Debbie were America’s sweethearts and we honored Debbie during an intimate gathering at our World Cup booth with a beautiful commemorative plaque,” said Deborah Witty, president of Trilogy Dressage Saddles. “I read the words on the plaque that said: ‘No One has done it better! In appreciation for your years of dedication to excellence. Your contribution to our sport are immeasurable. You are truly an inspiration to us all!’”
The Trilogy presentation to McDonald was held in conjunction with a picture and T-shirt signing at the Trilogy booth. Fans who attended the Saturday evening signing were given a picture and a shirt with Debbie and Brentina’s picture with the caption “Who’s Your Mama Now?” as the nickname “Mama” has been Brentina’s sentimental moniker for years.

“It has been such a gift to have such a strong working relationship with Debbie McDonald and Brentina. This connection has given me the opportunity to see Debbie’s passion for what she does and standing by what she believes in and I am extremely proud of how she has invested herself in our saddle line,” Witty said, adding that Trilogy Saddles developed a line of saddles called The Debbie McDonald Signature series which includes The Debbie Special, a dressage saddle designed for the petite rider.

Dressage Training Online taped the emotional Trilogy interview, as well as exclusively taped the entire Friday schedule of World Cup events, including highlights of FEI classes and a behind-the-scenes look at the warm-up preceding the Grand Prix. The Friday events also included the World Championship Young Horse Exhibition and the Olympic/Grand Prix Pas De Deux Challenge.

The Dressage Training Online website has revolutionized the dressage world, giving riders, trainers, judges and everyone interested in dressage access to world class dressage education and information. The $36 per month membership fee gives members unlimited access to over 400 training videos, educational content and special events such as Brentina’s retirement ceremony.

For more information on Dressage Training Online, visit their website at www.dressagetrainingonline.com. For more information on Trilogy Dressage Saddles, visit their website at www.trilogysaddles.com. For a complete list of the 2009 World Cup Las Vegas events, visit www.worldcuplasvegas.com.

Photo: Dressage Training Online founder and commentator Reisa Bonetti (center) captures an emotional moment with Deborah Witty (left) and Debbie McDonald (right) in an exclusive interview that will air this week on DressageTrainingOnline.com. (Photo courtesy of JRPR)