Dressage Training Online Founder Helps Launch Website for Reiners

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Posted by JRPR


Alamo, CA  – Dressage enthusiasts around the world have spent the last three years benefitting from the world’s premier online training resource, (DTO), featuring a vast array of training videos. Now reining enthusiasts will have a similar website,, which will be dedicated to the sport of reining and feature a video library and virtual training.

Reisa Bonetti, founder of, is assisting with the launch of the (RTO) website through the parent company Enthusiast Training “ consists of George Kiss, Martha Torkington, Lorie Sapergia and Cody Sapergia, and will launch in November of 2010,” Bonetti said. “Reining, which is enjoying its first year as an Olympic discipline, is in a prime position of growth and development.” hopes to assist reiners by becoming an integral part of the community and allowing amateurs and professionals alike to gain further understanding of the sport, learn key skills and fine tune their riding to grow in their competitive quests. “The ReiningTrainingOnline team brings 22 years of collective reining experience to the table in addition to a top competitor in the reigning community as a key partner,” Bonetti said. “I see this team as being in a superior position for creating a really valuable tool that will become a critical factor in furthering the sport.”

Bonetti, who founded and, said she plans to work closely with the RTO team to ensure that they reach as many enthusiasts in the reining community across the globe as DTO has. “DTO has had over 23,000 unique members from 32 different countries. Not a day goes by where a member does not communicate with us about how valuable our training video library has been to them and who they ‘virtually’ train with and why,” Bonetti said. “We are sure RTO will have the same success as reining is going through an incredible growth phase, especially outside of the USA. The website is superior in that it brings top talent in the reining world to the community, and not just a single talented individual. We don’t all learn or communicate the same, so having a variety of experts explaining the same thing proves to be a more effective tool and gives members the chance to watch, listen and learn from someone who communicates as they do.”

Brian Bendele, Manager of Reining Horse Sports Foundation, is excited about the educational resource of Reining Training “As an educational partner, the goal is to educate participants and promote the sport world-wide,” Bendele said.

Thanks to the new website, reiners all over the world now have access to top trainers and education material. For more information, including educational partnerships, visit Reining Training Online at  For the latest training videos, subscribe to the newsletter,

For additional information regarding the creation of a niche community video based educational website, visit For information regarding global Dressage training, visit

Photo: founder Reisa Bonetti, has helped found a similar website especially for reining fans. The new website, Reining Training will launch in November. Trainer Jordan Larson (pictured) is one of the trainers who will be participating in the reining website. (Photo courtesy of Dressage Training Online.)