Dressage Task Force Publishes Its General Assembly Report

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The FEI Dressage Task Force has published its official report which includes its recommendations for the future development of the dressage sport to the FEI Bureau to be presented at the General Assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark, November 15-20, 2009.The Dressage Task Force (DTF) published a 50-page report on what they have done for dressage the past year. Unlike the FEI Dressage Committee, the Dressage Task Force strived for open communication towards riders, trainers, judges, national federations and organisers. Addressing the popularity of the dressage sport, the DTF is unanimous in highlighting the need to increase transparency and attractiveness for spectators, media and sponsors.
"The DTF convened 7 days of physical meetings and held conference calls almost every 14 days. At its first meeting the DTF agreed to ensure that after every meeting or as often as would be required, a Summary Report would be circulated to all the stakeholders," disclosed Frank Kemperman. "Apart from National Federations (NFs) the FEI defined stakeholder groups to include all trainers, riders, judges and organisers regardless of whether they were members, or not, of their relevant recognised Clubs. As the DTF was made up of representatives of these different stakeholder groups it was agreed that each person would be the key point of contact for the group they represented on the DTF."

At the 2009 General Assembly a new FEI Dressage Committee will be voted upon. The DTF agreed that the structure of the future Dressage committee should include all stakeholders with members who are of high quality with strong experience and knowledge in the sport of Dressage. It is also recognized that a good geographical spread is important in choosing Committee members and they should all be of different nationalities i.e. maximum one per NF. However having the right people is seen as more important.

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